Preventive Maintenance Subscription Plans in Florida Taking the Guesswork Out of HVAC Upkeep

Apopka, Florida-based Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating is a company that believes if their customers spend a little bit of money now it can save them big expenses in the long run. That’s why they now offer affordable HVAC preventive maintenance subscription plans to those in the Orlando area. It’s a great way to keep any type of HVAC system running efficiently and help extend its useful life. More details on the company’s preventative maintenance plans can be seen here at

The company owner, Dan Orientale, says, “There is a reason that you periodically take your car to the shop and have a tune-up and oil change done on it. It’s called preventative maintenance. Although some people do not realize it, preventative maintenance on HVAC systems is just as important as it is for automobiles. It’s done to help keep an HVAC system running at peak efficiency and to give it a once over in an attempt to catch small system problems before they become much bigger and more expensive repairs. We are always happy to send one of our experienced techs to a customer’s home to perform this service for them. It can now even be done as part of a preventative maintenance subscription to make it a more worry-free process.”


Orientale stated that it’s not out of the question for someone to do HVAC preventative maintenance themselves. They just need a little mechanical aptitude and get some guidance from professionals like them on what to look for. He says there are usually three main reasons why people do not take the time to do HVAC maintenance themselves. This includes being busy doing other things, not feeling confident in their ability to do this task, or they feel it’s a job that’s better left to a professional. Either way, it does not matter to them. They are always ready to help and they keep most types of replacement filters and small repair parts right on their service vehicles. The company owner says that as was mentioned, they charge a nominal fee for this service and if a customer elects to have it done as a part of a subscription plan, the prices for it get even better. He went on to describe some of the major steps that they do when performing preventative HVAC maintenance for a customer. This includes changing the air filters and checking the vents and registers for cleanliness and blockages. Their tech will also do a general cleanup and inspection of the system. He says they will even take some carbon monoxide readings to ensure the system is not emitting any potentially dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide.

Nick’s Air Conditioning and Heating also offer many other important HVAC services too. All of which are described in more detail on their website which is located at This includes the design and installation of new HVAC systems. The company also does all types of HVAC repairs and water heater repairs and replacements. For those times a customer needs a repair to their HVAC system ASAP, Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating even offer 24-hour emergency services.

Orientale went on to say that not only do they perform very good HVAC work they also like to treat their customers respectfully and be a company that acts with integrity. Those traits come through clearly in this 5-star review from Lisa Hauck. She stated, “They were so friendly! Made me feel like family. I am very pleased I went with this company. Plus, I know if anything goes wrong with my unit, they would be there in a heartbeat to fix it.” This is just one of 72 reviews that have been left on the company’s Goggle Maps Business Listing in which they have an impressive 4.9 out of a possible 5-star rating.

More information on the company’s services and some special offers can also be seen on Nick's Air Conditioning and Heating’s Facebook page which is found here at


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