Prescott News And Talk Updating Prescott, AZ Metro Business Information

Prescott, AZ – PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com announced today it will start updating Prescott Metro area business information as a convenience and fast reference for consumers.

PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com - UPDATING Prescott Metro Area Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so many changes in businesses all across the Prescott Metro area. Those changes include whether the business is still open, different hours of operation, different procedures of receiving services, and curbside pickup to name a few.

The new and updated information obtained from Prescott Metro businesses can be found at the Hometown Updates section of the Prescott News And Talk website so consumers can quickly assess changes with each business. The direct link to Hometown Updates can be found here:

Infotainment Radio which streams on Prescott News And Talk will be updating the Prescott Metro business information on its radio shows.

Troy Warren, Executive Producer of Infotainment Radio commented, “We live in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Prescott business owners must do everything possible in staying closely connected with their customer base and the community.”

PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com - Starts UPDATING Local Prescott, AZ Businesses

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The official hashtag for Prescott News And Talk is #prescott-az.


For more information about Infotainment Talk Radio, contact the company here:

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