Practice Bloom Offers Plastic Surgery Marketing

Practice Bloom, a Clifton, New Jersey marketing agency, would like to announce their plastic surgery marketing services. The agency offers online marketing services for clinics in this field that are aimed at helping them increase their online visibility. Their services are described as ‘plastic surgery marketing that works.’ For instance, PracticeBloom’s Profit Engines program uses funnel marketing and retargeting to deliver more leads and more conversions.

The agency uses funnel marketing, driven by social media and search traffic. “Social media marketing has become a buzzword,” says PracticeBloom. “To most agencies, it means posting updates on your Facebook platform a few times per week. To us, social media is a critical piece of a much bigger puzzle called funnel marketing. A great cosmetic surgery marketing campaign always begins with an offer. That offer gets turned into an ad on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Those ads will drive targeted traffic to a beautiful landing page.”

Plastic surgery clinics in search of a way to generate and convert leads can rely on PracticeBloom and their Profit Engines software to produce results. The goal of PracticeBloom’s online marketing campaigns — and any online marketing campaign in general — is to build as much traction as possible and get the attention of as many qualified leads as possible. The next step is to communicate with them and address their concerns and questions in order to encourage them to book an appointment. When looking for a particular service, clients often have expectations and concerns, and getting them to actually do business means answering their questions. This is all the more important when these clients are also patients, as is the case for any clinic.

Profit Engines are one of the quickest ways to grow a practice and attract potential patients and the effectiveness of these ‘engines’ has been proven time and time again. In order to increase the effectiveness of Profit Engines, PracticeBloom recommends adding an SEO marketing program in addition to the client’s Profit Engine. SEO, or Search Engine Organization, is a long term investment and the results are often worth the 3-6 months it takes to actually see notable change. Initially, it may take a long time to see the benefits of SEO, but once they do become apparent, surgeries tend to find that the number of leads they get increases by a great deal.

Another important service offered by PracticeBloom is reputation management. According to industry surveys, the vast majority of potential patients do a vast amount of research on whichever plastic surgeons they intend to work with. Building and maintaining a positive reputation online is not easy, and it is a task often better left to professionals.

“Reputation Management is a critical piece of our Profit Engine Pro and Premium plans,” says the marketing agency. “If you use online scheduling, our Profit Engines know when your patient appointments are. They will follow up with people shortly after their appointments conclude and request feedback about their experience. Any negative feedback entered gets sent straight to you without having a chance to reach the open internet. The result is a steady stream of new positive referrals and an online reputation that will convert more potential patients into actual appointments.”

PracticeBloom has been in the internet marketing field for nearly a decade, and the agency has developed a highly effective approach to marketing. The agency has established itself as an industry leader, and a number of the agency’s clients have left great reviews of PracticeBloom on both Google Maps and the agency’s Facebook page.

“I'm an orthopedic spine surgeon in New Jersey, and PracticeBloom's Profit Engines program is an integral part of my business' existence,” says Nathan Fowler, a surgeon who relies on PracticeBloom to help him market his practice. “I'm not saying that lightly. I've tried dozens of digital marketing agencies, and I can see a huge difference in how they're approaching their clients. I'm also getting new leads and new patients on a daily basis.”

Another positive Google Maps review of the agency says, “I'm a plastic surgeon, and I own a plastic surgery practice in California. One thing I really like about PracticeBloom is that they're not only focusing on getting you new leads, but they're also doing everything they can in order to actually close those leads for us. I've never seen that before.”

For more information on the agency and more reviews, visit PracticeBloom’s Google Maps Listing. Those interested may reach out to Matt Coffy of PracticeBloom to make further inquiries as well.


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