Practice Bloom Offers Medical Practice Marketing Services

PracticeBloom, a Clifton, NJ-based digital marketing agency, has revealed that they offer medical practice marketing services to help physicians and other healthcare professionals get more patients. These practices include medical spas, plastic surgery practices, chiropractic clinics, and spine & orthopedic practices. Their medical practice marketing service has several components: search engine optimization (SEO); search engine marketing; social media marketing and advertising; email marketing; online reputation management; and content strategy.

Matt Coffy, Founder and CEO of PracticeBloom, says, “We can quickly get you started. Our trained implementation team gets you up and running fast, usually in 3 days or less. Then, your customer success manager will provide strategic direction based on your specific needs, and our support team will provide continuous web support for your medical practice.”

He continues, “And as people search for providers online, they find you more often, thanks to your new, high-performance website, top visibility in Google, strong social media presence, and in your new patient's email box. You will also be able to offer 24/7 online scheduling to your patients, wherever they find your medical practice. Your automated system will send patients an option to share positive testimonials about your medical practice on Google, Facebook and other review platforms.”

Practice Bloom offers the ProfitEngines program to medical practices and this has several online marketing components. The first element is paid advertising. Every campaign starts with an offer that the medical practice will create. Once this offer has been established, the Paid Ads team at PracticeBloom will develop perfectly targeted ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. An important aspect of this particular element is the transparent ROI, which is something that is not possible with traditional marketing. Those interested on how they handle social media may want to visit their Facebook page.

The next element is the creation of high converting landing pages, which is where people who respond to the ads will go to. This landing page is designed such that it will likely convert the visitors into leads as they claim the offer. To do that, the landing page must have a beautiful and attractive design, a lightning fast page loading time, and focused on converting traffic into leads.

Another important step is the A/B testing or split testing of the landing pages for the ProfitEngine Premium plans. This means two versions of the landing page is created and half of the ad traffic is sent to one of them while the other half is sent to the second landing page. After enough traffic has gone to each landing page to achieve statistical relevance, there is scientific certainty as to which version is more effective in conversion. Once this has been determined, all traffic will then be directed to the better landing page. This generation of leads will be automated so that it will continue work and staff will be able to work on other important things.

Meanwhile, a substantial portion of the paid traffic will not likely convert into leads after just seeing the offer once. This is where retargeting is required. Industry studies have shown that those who see an offer more than once are up to 70 percent more likely to claim it. Retargeting has been observed to cost much less compared to running regular ads.

Another important element is reputation management. This is vital because research has shown that 90 percent of potential patients will look up a particular practice online and read their reviews before deciding to book an appointment. Online reputation must therefore need to be highly positive, which is the goal of their automated follow up system. It will automatically follow up patients to get their feedback. Negative comments are sent directly to the healthcare practitioner so that any problem can be addressed before it is posted online. When patients have a positive feedback, they are politely requested to post their review on their platform of choice.

People who are interested in the medical practice marketing services offered by PracticeBloom may want to check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They may also want to check out their GMB listing to get more information about them, such as their exact location. They are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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