Positive Singles Find Love Through STD Dating Website

MeetPositives.com, an alternative dating website which focuses on the needs of positive singles or single people who have been diagnosed to be positive for a particular sexually transmitted disease (STD), is pleased to provide an online platform for this community to meet and form relationships. The website was designed with STD positive people in mind, particularly single individuals, in order to give them opportunities to meet others like them and avoid difficult situations, such as the potential rejection and embarrassment they may encounter on a more conventional dating site.

Joining the MeetPositives.com community is easy and requires only a simple registration process. Those interested may begin by providing some information about themselves, and this will be used by an algorithm to help match them to other members of the platform who share similar matching points. Each member should also create a profile that will be available for other members of MeetPositives.com to read when they are looking for a potential date.

MeetPositives.com has an added benefit of providing a platform free of judgement where people may seek advice from other members who may be more experienced in living with a particular condition but have an active and healthy dating life. Members can even share information about their own experiences that other users can read. The platform also offers the opportunity to have discussions about relevant topics through its online forums. The information shared can range from being about a particular STD to what it is like dating with other positive singles and even how people can still live a normal life despite their condition.

The matching algorithm is able to accurately match users based on their locations, conditions and their personal preferences as well as other related information provided by them. Registered members of the platform can also search through the database of profiles of positive singles and enjoy the benefits of being part of the community by sharing their own stories and experiences. Additionally, they can learn more about their particular condition from other members on the platform.

As a member, each individual is advised to be cautious and thorough when creating their profile online because it will be the first impression that other members will be able to see about their appearance and personality. Most would agree that these first impressions can have a significant impact and could be an important step in finding a potential romantic partner. It is recommended that the photographs used on a profile should not be edited in any way — and that the personal information should also be honest.

MeetPositives.com is proud of the safe space they offer their community. They add, “Your search for a meaningful relationship while living with an STD has never been easier with our groundbreaking overhaul of the MeetPositives.com you know and trust. This platform helps positive singles avoid the embarrassment and possible rejection by telling a potential mate about their condition. Our members join because they want to find and date others who have experienced the same struggles.”

Members of the MeetPositives.com platform who would prefer to use an app that they can easily access on their mobile device can also be provided with one, though using a mobile app is actually not recommended because other people can easily see it. The MeetPositives.com website is designed to make sure that it will display and function accurately on all computer devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. However, those who would prefer to use a mobile app can do so, and the app has all of the same features as the website, including Swipe Right, Local Connect and Safe Connect. In order to complete the services offered to positive singles, MeetPositives.com provides a number of online resources that their users can refer to at their convenience. Information on support centers, online safety measures, symptoms of particular conditions, Wiki links, at-home testing services and a blog are available to all users of the platform.

Those interested in learning about or joining the MeetPositives.com community are welcome to start by visiting the website. The MeetPositives.com team can also be contacted via phone or email.


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