Positive Reviews Keep Coming for One of the Most Popular Roofing & Solar Companies in Austin

Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. has a long history of combining quality work with extremely good customer care. These traits have not only allowed the company to grow substantially over the years but have also led it to receive many favorable customer reviews. Whether a review has been simply stated, lengthy, or written in a more upbeat and personal tone, they all point towards the above-mentioned traits being hallmarks of the company.

A good example is this Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial that was written by Aaron Werlein who stated, “Best Roofing Company hands down in Austin, TX. The knowledge, customer care, quality, and timelines of everything were A-class. Not to mention, the inspection and estimate provided are free! I would recommend Cool Roofs to anybody!” This 5 out of a possible 5-star review also points out one of the company’s highlight features which is their courtesy roof inspections which are followed up with estimates that are also not charged for.

Cool Roofs Austin

Hudson Whitten, the company’s managing partner says that many in Austin such as this satisfied customer like to take advantage of their free roof inspections. Some just want to make sure that their roofs are ready to handle the rough weather that often passes through the Austin area, while others may think that they have a current roof problem or are wondering if it may be time to replace their aging roofs. No matter what the case, he says that they take their roof inspections very seriously. That includes walking the entire roof and looking for problems with the shingles or other roof covering and looking for signs of leaks around chimneys and roof vents. They will even look for indications of roof structural concerns and check to make sure a roof is properly vented. The company’s owner and managing partner mentioned that they realize that a roof is one of a home or business’s most important structures and they owe it to their customers to take their time when inspecting a roof to get that task done right.

In another 5-star Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial that was written in a lighthearted manner, Sam Edelman expressed his pleasure with the results of a roof inspection after a recent hail storm by saying, “Worked with Hudson on my home’s roof because I wasn’t sure if I had any damage after a recent hail storm but I said ‘what the hail’ go ahead and jump up there for a free inspection. A month later we were putting up a new roof paid for by my insurance company.”

Whitten pointed out that feel very grateful when a customer takes the time out to give them a favorable review on any type of service that they offer. This includes getting favorable reviews on their reputable solar installation and repair services. Glowing reviews have also been written on them in regards to this contractor’s experienced commercial being able to expertly apply a wide variety of flat roof coatings and coverings.

Positive reviews have also been submitted to the company after everything from them replacing a few shingles on a residential roof to taking on extensive roof replacement projects. It was also pointed out that they have received extremely complimentary revies on other popular services that they offer such as solar panel installation and repairs and their siding and commercial painting work. He says that they always are very grateful when a customer takes the time out of their busy schedule to leave a glowing review no matter how simply stated that review is. Such is the case with this Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial by Micaela Enderle that proclaimed, “I Would recommend! Professional and courteous!”

The company’s managing partner says, “We here at Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. pledge to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers when we do any type of roofing or other work for them and to treat them respectfully while fulfilling that contract."


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