Positive Pest Management Offers Rodent Control in New York City

Positive Pest Control of NYC, also known as Positive Pest Management, has announced that they are offering a reliable rodent control service in New York City. They are a provider of expert pest termination for all of New York City and Lower Westchester County. They have developed the reputation of being a leading provider or pest extermination services in NYC at competitive prices.

Benett Pearlman, operator of Positive Pest Control of NYC, says, “When Positive Pest Management is on the job, insect and rodent problems in your home or office in New York City will be quickly eliminated with our quality & warrantied extermination work.”

Setting up rodent traps

He adds, “Because of our pro-active communication, we get to know our customers and know the local buildings, so we can offer customized pest control solutions that meet each facility’s unique needs and challenges.”

Positive Pest Management is able to serve various industries. These include property managers; healthcare industry and hospitals; hospitality industry; food processing, food prep, and distribution; and more. They are very much involved in New York City rodent exclusion and control efforts. This is vital because it has been observed that the rodent population in the city far surpasses the human population. In fact, New York residents find it common to see rats in the subway platform or on the streets while jogging or biking on the paths along the river, on either side of the island. Those who would like to learn more about the company may want to follow their Facebook page.

They service the rodent control and extermination needs of residential and commercial customers in Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. They have more than 15 years of experience and their skill and experience make them more than capable of handling any extermination situation related to mice or rats. These pests are usually controlled using baits, traps, and rodent exclusion work, which helps to reduce the places where they can live and continue to breed.

Unfortunately, rats and mice are good at adapting to their environment in order to survive and they tend to prefer living in those places where humans live, because of the presence of food and warmth. As they look for food, they tend to contaminate the food storage areas in the home or building, and they can cause damage to buildings and other property through their constant burrowing and gnawing. They may also carry diseases and inadvertently transmit them to humans and pets.

It should be noted that because rodents and very secretive and are quite small, most people are usually unaware of their presence in the attic spaces, wall voids, behind the cabinets, and other similar areas. People will only notice their presence once they observe tell-tale signs of mouse or rat droppings or gnawed food packages. Sometimes, they may only be discovered when a serviceman or repairman has to go the attic or crawl space.

They suggest that homeowners and property owners conduct a periodic inspection of the house or building to find those weak areas that rodents will use to gain entry into the house or building. Ensuring good sanitation is an effective way of preventing a rat or mice infestation. This is because rats and mice are attracted to food, especially those crumbs and other food lying around that they can easily access.

Nevertheless, if there is indeed a sign of rodent infestation, it would appropriate to call on the services of licensed and professional pest exterminators, such as Positive Pest Management. They have highly competent staff who are always ready to help with the extermination requirements of homeowners and other property owners. The company is operated by Benett Pearlman, who was a former Regional Director of the New York State Pest Management Association.

Those who are interested in rodent control and extermination in New York City may want to check out the Positive Pest Control of NYC website, or contact then through the telephone or via email. They may also want to take a look at their GMB listing for their exact location and other important information.


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