Positive Pest Control Helps Community With Management Of Insects, Rodents And More

NY-based Positive Pest Control of NYC is pleased to share that they have managed to deliver their services effectively despite the challenges posed by the ongoing crisis. Today, the company services both residential and commercial properties across NYC and Lower Westchester County. Learn more at the following link: Positive Pest Management Exterminators.

The company understands that pest control services often need to be tailored to the situation at hand. What works for one customer may not necessarily work for another, and the company explains that failing to take this into account can mean pests are not adequately taken care of. As a result, they make it one of their foremost priorities when dealing with new customers to learn everything they can about the property they will be attending to as well as the routine of its residents.

Positive Pest team in action

For a household, this can mean that the company will take extra care in areas that the homeowners are known to spend more time in — while the dining room is an obvious example, the company asserts that nothing should be taken for granted as people tend to have wildly varying habits. A business may be more straightforward, given that employees and managers often have set roles that denote where they must be during the majority of the day, but personalized attention is required when taking different types of businesses into consideration.

For instance, a healthcare facility would likely require more stringent pest control services than a furniture store. The same is true for outlets that provide food, such as restaurants and hotels. The company is quick to reassure their customers that they can attend to virtually any type of property, giving all due attention to its unique requirements in order to ensure it is rid of any pests. Find more information about Positive Pest Control of NYC’s approach on their GMB website.

The company also enjoys a sterling reputation for high quality among their customers, and they are often commended for their professional conduct, punctual nature, responsiveness, affordability and more. For instance, a 5-Star Google review from Emy Ofia shares, “My experience with Positive Pest Control was one of an absolute satisfaction. Right from inception to the conclusion. Appointment was on time; inspection and treatment of infected areas of termite infestation was top notch. Have not seen any trace of infestation to date. I will highly recommend them to anyone or business that might need their services.”

A similarly positive review from Dona Linger serves to illustrate the careful approach the company takes to every job. Their review states, “I have birds living under my air conditioner in NYC. Bennet sent me contacts of people to answer my questions regarding their safe removal. He and his staff never tried to ‘sell’ me anything and just wanted to help. I am following their recommendations and may not need to spend the money for an expensive extermination job after the birds are removed given their advice. Thank you so much, Bennet, and thank you to Positive Pest Control for putting me in touch with people who offered honest advice.”

A great deal of Positive Pest Control of NYC’s success can be attributed to their technicians, who are well qualified and experienced professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction but also hold themselves to higher standards. As such, they work alongside each customer to learn what they need from a pest control service. Where possible, they aim to deliver long-term solutions in order to ensure their customers are freed from pest issues for the foreseeable future.

The company is able to tackle an extremely wide variety of pests, from rodents to roaches, termites, fleas, moths, bed bugs and more. Customers are encouraged to contact the company’s representatives immediately if they encounter issues with any kind of pest. Positive Pest Control of NYC will be more than happy to let them know how the company’s technicians can address the problem.

Benett Pearlman of Positive Pest Control of NYC can be reached in the event customers wish to follow up on any further inquiries of this nature. They may also visit the company’s website to learn more about the various types of pests they come across in their work and what can be done to rectify an infestation. Similarly, social media users may connect with the company via their Facebook page and other platforms to stay abreast of their latest news and announcements.


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