Portland Web Design Company Offers Redesign Packages for Established Business Owners Hard Hit by COVID

Sharp Tack Media, a Portland web design company, is pleased to announce that they have started offering $1500 website redesign packages for established business owners hard hit by COVID as a way to improve their online standing in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The company is a provider of responsive web design and they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why they offer a variety of options for businesses for all budgets and in all phases of the process. They offer several specially designed pre-made templates plus tailor-fitted solutions to ensure that clients will get precisely what they require.

Deb Wise, co-founder of Sharp Tack Media, says, “We’re small business owners just like you. We know the struggles you face on a daily basis when you have to focus on anything but your business. We have more than 15 years of experience in helping transform the branding and digital marketing strategies of small and medium businesses to increase their profits. In working with so many clients in various projects, we have developed a proven website design process that assures you that your website helps you accomplish your online marketing goals.”

She continues, “Whether you have a large custom project or use one of our pre-made templates, we take your project seriously and strive for excellence in all facets of the project. You can rest assured that you will receive top notch customer service, budget-friendly pricing, and expert service.”

Sharp Tack Media’s web design service can help with the client’s e-commerce store, website security, and website management. They can help set up the e-commerce site such that that it is rigged to win. They will build and design the e-commerce store and include all the required functions for payment processing and order fulfillment. This will allow the client’s e-commerce business to be up and running fast, allowing the client to start operating the business and generating profit to grow the business.

Meanwhile, having a revenue-generating website is not enough. If security is neglected and the website is not managed properly, it can become a target of hacking and malicious activity that could ultimately cost the business thousands of dollars. To prevent that from happening, the professionals from Sharp Tack Media will ensure that the website will be utilizing the latest security protocols that will help avoid possible security exploits.

And for those who already have a fully functional website, the professionals at Sharp Tack Media can offer website management services for various kinds of activities. These include updating the e-commerce products, making regular blog posts on the site, making website updates, and website maintenance. They will perform such website management tasks to allow the client to focus on running the business.

Aside from web design, they also offer digital marketing, branding, and consultations. And just like with web design, they know that each business is different and therefore, the online marketing strategy that they would undertake would be suitable for each particular business. For digital marketing, they offer various kinds of services, such as search engine optimization or SEO, Google My Business setup, lead generation, reputation management, analytics, and Facebook ads.

Meanwhile, because a brand is vital for a business, they also offer company branding services. They have focused on developing and marketing brands for more than 15 years, from logo design, multi-side franchise brand, social media design, all the way to email templates and business cards, and they are able to handle any branding project. They can take care of various elements of branding, such as custom website designs, print material design, logo design, social media pages, advertising graphics, and digital product design.

And finally, the professionals at Sharp Tack Media can also provide consultations for companies of all sizes at affordable prices. They can offer advice and tips that will allow the business to be on the right track towards success, even if the client doesn’t end up using any of their other services.

Those who require the services of a Portland website design company may want to check out the Sharp Tack Media website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


For more information about Sharp Tack Media, contact the company here:

Sharp Tack Media
Deb Wise
(503) 782-8387
2100 South River Parkway, Portland, OR, 97201