Popular Online Retailer Points Out the Many Benefits of Their High Quality Polarized Sunglasses

Method Seven is a well-established online retailer that sells specialized glasses and photo filters. Their high quality polarized sunglasses are among their most sought-after products. These sunglasses are a step above traditional polarized sunglasses because of their unique technology and engineering. Method Seven’s high-quality sunglasses filter out 100% of harmful UV rays while also allowing the maximum amount of beneficial light in. These sunglasses are a great choice for keeping eyes safe yet still seeing clearly during mixed conditions throughout the day.

James Cox, CEO of Method Seven, explains that “Not all sunglasses are made the same. We’ve chosen to make sunglasses that offer many more benefits than those with standard polarized lenses. Traditional polarized sunglasses block too much light, leading to loss of contrast, hazy images, and poor color fidelity. Our high-quality polarized sunglasses filter out unwanted light but also allow enough good light in so that you can see clearly. This is just one example of how our scientists and engineers design win-win retail products.”

According to Cox, one of the big benefits of Method Seven’s high-quality polarized lenses is that that they lessen the amount of glare and reflected light for customers that spend a lot of time outdoors. They are perfect for driving, biking, trekking, boating, fishing, trail running, mountain biking, and operating any kind of moving vehicle. These high-quality polarized sunglasses are available in several different frames that add a touch of style to any activity. Unlike lower quality polarized sunglasses, they do not distort or haze over the image that the wearer sees. Cox says this reduces eye strain that is sometimes associated bright conditions. He explains that Method Seven’s highly-polarized lenses not only help people distinguish colors more clearly, they also make it easier to view device screens like cell phones and navigation systems under bright light conditions.

Another popular product line offered by Method Seven is their selection of prescription aviator sunglasses. Cox insists that these glasses are a much better choice than regular prescription sunglasses when flying during daylight conditions. In fact, the technology is so advanced that it belongs in its own category of pilot eyewear. Cox claims that Method Seven is the first company to scientifically research and develop flight glasses for pilots. What makes the pilot eyewear so special is the notch filtering technology, an alternative to polarized sunglasses that provides clarity and contrast whether traversing through the clouds or reading an instrument panel. Thirteen coatings on the lenses reduce glare while improving color rendition and vision clarity. The lenses do a great job of blocking out ultraviolet and infrared heat energy. Japanese titanium frames are compatible with aircraft headsets and oxygen masks. Method Seven pilot sunglasses are available with three different types of lenses: SKY, FLT, and Bifocal/RX.

Method Seven also offers grow room glasses that protect those working in grow rooms, laboratories, and other settings where powerful grow lights are in use. Glasses in the grow room collection are specially designed for each spectrum of grow room lights: HPS grow glasses, for protection from high-pressure sodium lights; Full Spectrum LED grow glasses, for those working around bright white full spectrum LED lights; grow glasses for Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) lamps; and Magenta Spectrum LED lenses—the first of their kind—for growers that work around magenta, pink, and red spectrum LED grow lights. Cox added that Method Seven even makes a specialty phone camera filter for grow rooms as well as associated apparel for growers.

High-quality polarized sunglasses, pilot sunglasses, and grow room sunglasses can all be found on Method Seven’s website.


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