Popular All On 4 Dentist Talks About Why This Procedure Should Only Be Performed by Highly-Credentialed Dental Professionals

Bexley Dental, a popular Sydney practice that specializes in an implant procedure known as ‘All On 4’, wants to recommend that patients only have this performed on them by highly-credentialed dental professionals. They state that this is because the procedure offers the best results when it’s done by a dentist that is well-trained and experienced. Anything less can cause a patient to be extremely dissatisfied with both the short- and long-term benefits that they should be receiving from this less-invasive complete upper or lower jaw tooth replacement method.

A spokesperson for Bexley Dental, Rachel Stevens, says, “People tend to be very accepting of claims medical professionals make and as a result often do not ask important questions as to the medical procedures they are interested in getting done. This can result in someone getting less than the absolute best medical or dental treatments in their area. This is something that should never be considered as acceptable to anyone as far as their all-important physical well-being is concerned. That’s why we are very transparent when it comes to the impressive credentials that our own dental impalnt expert Dr. Theo Spyrakis brings with him when he performs dental procedures that involve our valued patients receiving All on 4 implants.”

Stevens went on to talk more about the extensive training that Dr. Spyrakis has undergone to become one of the most experienced dentists at performing the All on 4 implant procedure in the New South Wales area. She said his relentless pursuit of gaining knowledge on the All on 4 implant procedure has been ongoing for over twenty years now and has taken him to places all over the globe. This includes such dental implant learning experiences as undergoing intensive surgical implant training in New York and Las Vegas, USA, and being involved in a mini-residency in Oral Implantology at Sydney University. The company spokesperson added that he also went to Marseille, France to study with renowned surgical implant innovators Dr. Patrick Palacci and Dr. Franck Renouard. She says that Dr. Spyrakis also admits that the two mini-residencies that he undertook at the Malo Clinic with the creator of the All on 4 dental procedure, Professor Malo himself, have proven to be invaluable. This is because it added significantly to his knowledge of the All on 4 procedure concerning everything from concept development to seeing real-life case experiences play out in person.

The company spokesperson also explained more about why the All on 4 implant procedure is highly preferred by those that need to replace all of the teeth on their upper or lower jaw. It all starts with the fact that it takes only 4 implants to securely attach an entire upper or lower arch section of teeth. She indicated this is much less invasive than other implant methods that require an individual implant for each tooth that is put in place. Stevens added that there are many other benefits for those that undergo the All on 4 implant procedure too. This includes not having the need to do bone grafting, being a less invasive procedure speeds up the healing process, and this implant technique takes much less time than getting individual tooth replacement implants done. It was also mentioned by her that the All on 4 implant procedure offers more flexibility to design and fit replacement teeth and many times patients can have their new teeth added in as little as 24 hours after surgery.

Stevens also mentioned that this dental implant procedure is not right for everyone. It’s a treatment that is most often suggested for those who don’t have a fully operational set of teeth and because of that it greatly impacts their daily life about such things as what a person can eat and how they look when they smile. She states that patients also come to them for the procedure when they are fed up with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures or when they have been denied more conventional implants because of reduced bone density that resulted from tooth loss or gum disease.

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