Pool Removal Company Remove A Pool Is Now Serving Suburbs North Of Dallas

Remove A Pool, a pool removal company operating in Texas is now serving the suburbs north of Dallas. The company now serves Allen, McKinney, and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

While pools are a great way to beat the heat, they carry negative baggage if anyone is trying to sell their house with a pool. Having a pool will decrease the overall sticker price of a house because maintaining it is an expense that not many homeowners want to bear. Some homeowners might also want to lower their liability and thus their homeowner’s insurance. Thus, a homeowner might find themselves in the need of a service that destroys the pool and fills up that space. This way, the house is more attractive to prospective home buyers netting the seller more money on the transaction.

Remove A Pool undertakes this often required service and is proudly serving the suburbs north of Dallas. They are encouraging homeowners who have plans to remove the pool to take the opportunity to finish that task in these winter months so that the house will be presentable for the summer months.

The company provides partial and full pool removals. Both partial and full pool removal services include all the demolition permits, labor, materials, and equipment needed to complete the project on time, and on budget. There are some salient advantages to full pool removal. Full pool removal helps to preserve property values by eliminating property use restrictions that can come with partial pool removal. Removing all signs of the unwanted swimming pool guards against long-term issues that can come with having a semi-demolished pool in the yard, such as trouble with tree roots or drainage. In some cases, vinyl-lined pools are constructed with steel walls or a steel collar, eliminating the partial pool removal option. Remove A Pool says they are the best option for those searching online for McKinney Texas pool removal services.

Partial in-ground pool removal is designed to deliver a simple, durable solution to homeowners who are looking to have their old, neglected in-ground pools filled in. When compared to full pool demolition, partial pool demolition involves less time, skilled labor, equipment, and disposal, making partial pool demolition more economical than having the entire pool removed. Partial pool removal involves breaking up only the top portion of the pool rather than demolishing the entire structure. The company’s licensed pool removal experts claim they can often complete partial pool removals in just a few days, minimizing any disruption the project has to the customer’s household, and their neighbors.

For partial pool removal, first, the technicians disconnect and cap off all the utility lines leading to the pool and siphon out any standing water. They then punch multiple drainage holes in the bottom of the pool liner to protect against flooding on the property. They will then demolish the upper 18″-36″ of the pool structure and place all the rubble inside the pool. They will then backfill the entire pool liner with clean sand, gravel, and topsoil, and level out the entire project site to create a safe, ready-to-use surface where the homeowner can expand their lawn, create a garden, or install a patio. In the case of full pool removal, almost the same processes are followed with the difference being that after siphoning out the standing water, the technicians demolish the entire structure using hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery.

A testimonial of from an Allen Texas pool removal client K. Pal, says, “We are extremely happy with what the Remove A Pool team did with our backyard. Don called us almost immediately and was able to set up an appointment. He also gave us a pricing quote along with testimonials to read from happy clients. They were able to start the project within just a few days of sending a deposit. Don’s crew clearly laid out the process before starting the demolition. We had an area of plants that we wanted to keep and they were able to work around the plants. Overall the men that Don has on his team were very polite and hard working. They are experts when it comes to removing pool and got the job done fast!”


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