Pool Landscaping Company in Dania Beach Blog Post Suggests Some Questions to Answer Before Adding Water Features

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is one of the most experienced companies in Dania Beach when it comes to installing backyard water features. While they never discourage anyone that has the yard space and budget flexibility to put in a water feature, they do recommend that the homeowner ask themselves a few key questions before starting to plan their project. This information was the subject of a new blog post that the company recently released highlighting the benefits of pool landscaping for Dania Beach property owners.

The spokesperson for EPS, Greg O'Connell, says, “If you have ever walked into a backyard that has a nicely landscaped pool area or other water features, you were probably amazed at how good that backyard looked. Simply put, nothing can give a backyard landscape as unique a look as a well-designed poolscape or water feature can. These will also significantly enhance the tranquility of any backyard setting. We enjoy the art form that designing and installing backyard poolscapes and water features are, but there are also some questions that we ask our customers to consider before taking on these types of landscaping projects. That’s why we felt it was important to detail these questions in our newly posted blog article.”

Dania Beach Pool Landscaping Design and Installation Services

In the newly posted blog, it mentioned that poolscapes and water features are becoming commonplace in Florida backyards. This does not mean that they are for everyone. The blog post said that the first question someone needs to answer before undertaking a poolscape or water feature project is ‘who will be accessing the yard’. It went on to say that this question is asked in the interest of safety. The new article stated that those with toddlers and small children may want to think twice before adding a nicely landscaped swimming pool, garden pond, or flowing stream to their backyard setting. For those with small children, it was suggested that a customer may be better of installing a water feature with no exposed water such as a water stone until the children get older.

The second question that was brought up by the new blog post was ‘what is your budget’ for the project. Here the article points out that there is more than just the initial cost when taking on these types of projects. That includes the cost of operating and maintaining poolscapes and water features by doing such things as running filtration systems and adding chemicals. Garden ponds and streams will also build up algae that must be removed and may have added fish that need to be fed daily too. The blog mentioned that the more elaborate a backyard poolscape or water feature setup is, the more that it will cost to maintain it.

Lastly, the new blog suggested that those that want to do a poolscape or water feature consider ‘what is your landscape design’. An example of why this is important is the case where a new water feature will include aquatic plants. This type of water feature will need to be placed in an area that gets at least some sunlight each day so those plants will thrive. The article says this is why location and design are very important to consider when about to undertake any poolscape or water feature project.

O'Connell mentioned that in addition to designing and installing poolscapes and water features, they also offer many other helpful yard services. These include regular landscaping work, tropical landscaping services, retaining wall construction, and irrigation installation. They also provide a variety of essential tree services such as tree trimming & removal. EPS is based out of Pembroke Pines and they cover such areas as Dania Beach, O'Connell was pleased to announce that EPS is now offering landscape design services in Coral Springs too.

Those who have requested the company to do landscaping work for them have left overwhelmingly positive feedback on the work EPS did for them. Bryan Cook stated in his 5-star review, “When I called this company came out and exceeded my expectations. I have recommended EPS to all of my friends. They are a one-stop-shop to meet all of your landscaping needs.” Angel Padron wrote, “I am very happy with this company. They are responsive, professional, courteous, and do great work. I definitely recommend them!!" If someone in Pembroke Pines or the surrounding Florida area is interested in EPS Landscaping & Tree Service’s many yard services, they can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘contact/quote request form’ that’s found on their website.


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