Polina Bulman, Award-Winning Documentary Family Photographer in Philadelphia, Announces Move to Narberth, Pennsylvania

Narberth, PA -- Polina Bulman, an award-winning documentary family photographer, announced today that she has moved her family and business to Narberth, Pennsylvania from NYC. From her new location, she will be serving clients throughout Greater Philadelphia, including the Main Line and all of its surrounding neighborhoods.

As a talented family storyteller and photo-chronicler, Bulman captures the everyday moments that are both common and fleeting in a family’s life. As a documentary style Philadelphia family photographer, Polina Bulman aims to photograph the essence and unique lifestyle of every family. Polina’s career has been fueled by the passion and enthusiasm for those real moments that happen in a family’s life. That is how she and documentary photography found each other.

Philadelphia Family Photographer

“I’m always drawn to real moments between my subjects. I eventually discovered the documentary family photography niche and finally found myself at home.”

Ms. Bulman’s talent for finding the raw tenderness in the everyday transcends many of the industry’s current inclination for creating staged perfection. In capturing the authentic instance, she shows the perfection in the ordinary, or what she calls “the extraordinary beauty of an ordinary day.”

“Instead of giving direction to my subjects, I try to capture the little moments that are the essence of who they are but may have gone unnoticed in their hectic lives.”

To photograph these special memories, Ms. Bulman creates what she calls “family storytelling sessions.” These photography sessions often take place in a family’s most comfortable settings, doing unremarkable things. Her approach creates markedly candid shots of split-second moments. In her photography, Ms. Bulman strives to preserve the kinds of ordinary moments that may on another occasion be overlooked and forgotten. As one client said upon seeing her photos for the first time, “I saw my family differently, from a new perspective, with a different light, and with different eyes.”

In capturing moments, Polina has a way of photographing the essence of each of her subjects.

“As a child, I imagined myself turning into a fly so I could go into my friends’ houses and see what they were doing.”

As an adult, her childhood imaginings and her fly-on-the-wall technique have intersected to create a portfolio of work that defies the typical family photography that is so common today. In her recent move, she is now able to bring her vision and subtle technique of finding those authentic moments to family photography in Philadelphia.

Awards: Ms. Bulman has been awarded the Pro Award for top family photojournalism by the Family Photojournalist Association (FPJA). Family photographers from around the world enter work that is evaluated and selected by recognized industry professionals.Her photography has received multiple awards through the DFA, an organization that awards talented photographers for their work showcasing “a diverse cross-section of life”.

Polina looks forward to bringing her unique brand of documentary photography to Philadelphia while still serving her clients in New York City by special arrangement. Her Philadelphia family photographer services will serve clients on the Main Line, including the neighborhoods of Overbrook, Merion, Narbeth, Wynnewood, Ardmore, Haverford, and Bryn Mawr.


Learn more about her work at Polina Bulman Family Photography.


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