Podcast Features Addiction Education With Ashwood Recovery Expert

Nampa, Idaho - Daniel Griffin, LMSW, an Idaho substance use counselor was a recent guest on Ashwood Recovery’s No Way But North! podcast which focuses on healthcare, substance use, recovery, relapse, personal addiction stories, and more.

He was featured on the 24th podcast episode to speak about the disease model of addiction and treatment. Griffin, who has his master’s degree in social work from Boise State University, pondered his understanding of Buddhist philosopher Swami Sivananda who said, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” This quote is often heard in the addiction treatment field.

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Podcasts like No Way But North! are one of the many things that differentiate Ashwood Recovery’s outpatient treatment program as a leader in substance use treatment. It is part of parent brand Northpoint Recovery, which produces podcasts for patients and their families, substance use professionals, and others interested in hearing stories in the substance use field through its integrated care approach. The podcasts can be found on media such as Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

“I know there is research to indicate you can trace addiction to genetic markers,” Griffin said while discussing his thoughts on Sivananda’s quote. “Man is the author of his reaction. Stereotype, I think perpetuates how we treat it as a disease, literally speaking. You don’t punish people who have a disease.”

Griffin says, in his role, he relies on the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s assessments with consideration for genetics, emotions, behaviors, environments, and perceptions to gain insights in identifying relapse potential. Learning more about each patient this way helps Griffin better understand why the disease manifests at certain times in their lives.

Ashwood Recovery’s accredited dual diagnosis outpatient program offers services such as medical intervention, relapse prevention, evidence-based therapies, and psychiatric care across its three program levels including traditional outpatient, extensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization. It also has a separate inpatient center in Boise.


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