Plano Volunteers Needed For Covid Vaccine Trial

Plano residents may be pleased to learn that the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine is in the third phase of vaccine trials, and local volunteers are needed for this trial. The study is aimed primarily at people who have underlying conditions or those who are at risk of succumbing to COVID-19 in the event they are infected. First responders and those who work in crowded conditions are also being recruited, and anyone wishing to get involved is encouraged to participate. Novavax is the fifth COVID-19 vaccine to reach phase 3 trials, and vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are already being distributed for use. The Plano community is advised to stay tuned to the latest news regarding this program for more details.

Researchers are looking to enroll 30,000 patients for NVX-CoV2373, a protein-based vaccine developed by Novavax, a Maryland pharmaceutical company. The vaccine, according to researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine, produced high levels of antibodies in rodents and other animal subjects without serious side effects. This means the vaccine is ready for human trials, and researchers hope it will prove successful in helping contain the spread of COVID-19.

Anyone interested is encouraged to call or sign up online. The development of multiple vaccines, many at lower price points, may mean the end of the COVID-19 pandemic (which has essentially brought the world to a stop in more ways than one). Plano residents who choose to participate in the trials will be playing a big role in ending the global shutdown. Many have found themselves totally cut off from friends and family, and the development of an effective vaccine can help reunite people faster.

A Plano dental clinic recently published a blog post on the vaccine trials encouraging residents of Plano to come out and participate. The dental clinic has supported the community in many ways both before and during the pandemic, and will continue to help the community by supporting the development of a vaccine that may help to end the pandemic.

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A number of very pleased patients have left great reviews of the dental office. Lana, one of Dr. Jivnani’s patients, had this to say, “This guy is great! His whole staff was such a pleasure to work with! They were thorough. Most importantly, I felt like he was being very honest with his diagnosis. He leans towards being conservative, which is nice. I have been ‘taken’ by a dentist before, and he is not like that at all. Thank you, Dr. Jivnani, for a great dental experience!”

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For more information regarding current events in Plano, visit Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental’s website. The full article they published on the ongoing vaccine trials can be found here as well. Furthermore, the dental office is always more than happy to set up an appointment and figure out how to help a patient get the perfect, healthy smile. Get in touch today for more information.


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