Plano, Texas Gets New State Of The Art Dental Clinic

Plano, TX - Dr. Bobby Jivnani, DDS has released photos of his newly completed, state of the art dental practice. The new office features a chic modern decor repleat with 3D wall textures, ultra modern light fixtures, wall and ceiling washes of green light, and in-ceiling LED tv's for reclining patients to watch while getting cavities filled.

The decor is complimented by space-age leather dental chairs and new dental stations that all combine to make for a rather futuristic looking place to get your teeth worked on.

A treatment room in the new Jivnani dental office

"We've done our best to make this the most cutting edge dental practice in the area," said Dr. Jivnani. "We think that if patients see that we take pride in our office, they'll get a sense of how much pride we also take in treating them."

Dr. Jivnani has been practicing dental care for over 20 years and most recently moved his practice from Richardson to his new office in Plano.

The practice is unique in that it offers a more comprehensive lineup of treatments than most dental clinics in the area. In addition to general dentistry, Dr. Jivnani does orthodontics, implants, laser dentistry, and oral surgery.

"We've been visiting Dr. Jivnani since my kids were little," said a Jessica Thompson, a patient of Jivnani. "I've been to other dentists when we had to live out of state temporarily and they never seemed close to as knowlegable as Dr. Jivnani. We're going to be driving up to Plano from Richardson for our dental visits because it's worth it to us to stick with Dr. Jivnani."


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