Plano Dentist, Dr. Jivnani Brings Advanced Laser Capabilities to the Area

Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental, a local family dentistry clinic in the North Dallas city of Plano, has brought the latest generation of laser dentistry capabilities to the area.

Laser dentistry began to become possible in retail dental settings sometime during 1989. But the technology has evolved significantly since the 2000s.

"Our newer lasers can make a big difference for patients these days,” said a clinic representative, “for example, we know drilling is probably the top most hated experiences for patients. In many cases now, we can treat issues with lasers entirely without drilling.”

While dental lasers have not completely replaced manual tools like the dreaded dentist’s drill, practices that keep up with the latest advances are finding more and more procedures can be completed with better efficiency and more comfort using lasers.

The clinic representative above went on to list some of the treatments Dr. Jivnani’s practice might use lasers for: “A sensitive tooth [or teeth]- we can use lasers to seal the tubules on the tooth’s root which cause sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Reshaping of the gums - we sometimes use lasers for an aesthetic procedure of shortening the gums when they cover unnecessarily large portions of the teeth (a gummy smile). Tooth prep and fillings – one of our favorite uses of lasers, we can often prepare a tooth for filling with a laser instead of doing traditional drilling, or sometimes at least reduce drilling significantly. TMJ – in some cases lasers can be used to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints affected by TMJ. Nerve regeneration – lasers can help regenerate damaged blood vessels, nerves, and heal scars. Lasers can even be used sometimes in the cases of specialized linguistic applications.”

Where prior generations of dental lasers could only be used for one of two kinds of tissue, hard (teeth) or soft (mouth tissues like gums), more laser devices made for the dental industry are capable of switching power and wavelength and are capable of being used for both applications.

Dr. Jivnani recently relocated his practice from Richardson, TX to Plano bringing his affinity for new technology with him. Dr. Jivnani has been practicing dental medicine including oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and general practice dental in the area for nearly 20 years. For more information or to learn more about Dr. Jivnani or his practice, visit the clinic’s site.


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