Plano Dental Clinic Preserves Patient Safety During Pandemic

Plano, TX based Bobby Jivnani, DDS - Dental Clinic is pleased to share that their patients have been able to receive essential dental treatment thanks to the clinic’s proactive approach to the pandemic. They have accomplished this by implementing a series of strict social distancing measures as well as additional disinfection routines that are designed to keep both staff and patients as safe as possible.

Dr. Bobby Jivnani states, “Our commitment to providing top-notch dental care means that we have to take our patient’s well being as a whole into account whenever they visit our clinic. Just as we have chosen to situate our premises in a convenient and accessible location to minimize how long any of our patients have to go without treatment, we realized early on that the care we provide as dentists would be incomplete without a proper response to the pandemic. As a result, we have come up with several precautions that meet, or even exceed, CDC and ADA guidelines regarding the pandemic.”

Plano dentist uses extra COVID protocols

According to the Plano dentist, these precautions focus on reducing the risk of exposure that patients have to face whenever they go outside (especially if they meet other people). For instance, while it is still possible for families to schedule individual trips for each member as and when needed, the clinic encourages them to schedule appointments together so that everyone can receive the care they need during a single trip. Since this effectively reduces the number of times a family has to leave their home for the dentist to a single event, it also minimizes how often they come in close contact with other people.

On similar lines, the clinic is now allowing patients to schedule extended appointments that will allow their staff to carry out more work within a single visit. Again, this means that patients are less likely to need multiple visits to get the treatment they need. However, this applies at the clinic’s premises as well — Bobby Jivnani, DDS - Dental Clinic has significantly reduced the number of patients they see each day in order to eliminate overlap as much as possible. This also gives their staff more time to carry out any and all sterilization protocols they deem necessary.

Dr. Jivnani adds, “Any safety protocols are only as good as the people who put them into practice. Fortunately for our patients, our staff are among the best in the field. We have also decided to take it a step further and give both our administrative and clinical staff extra safety training in order to ensure everyone is up to date.” The dentist clarifies that this does not mean the clinic takes the effectiveness of their procedures for granted. Each staff member has to undergo a temperature check on a daily basis, and they are required to verify they are able to help provide safe care.

As part of the clinic’s pandemic response, staff are now keeping their hair short or gathered up. Their nails are kept short as well, and extraneous jewelry is no longer part of their attire. While this may seem excessive to some, the clinic reminds the public that the virus is known to latch onto surfaces for certain periods. This can include a person’s watch or rings as well as the gap beneath their nails, so eliminating this source of risk soon became one of the clinic’s mandates.

Patients will also have to undergo temperature checks when they visit the clinic, and staff will give them a short questionnaire that will help clear them for treatment that day. Additionally, each patient is provided hand sanitizer, which they are asked to use prior to entering the treatment area. Dr. Jivnani says, “For reasons that are readily apparent, we ask our patients to refrain from shaking hands when they visit. Our staff will always be warm and welcoming, however, so you have no reason to be concerned about your next visit. It’s simply all part of our plan to practice safe dentistry.”

More information regarding the clinic’s response to the pandemic as well as their services can be found on their website. Patients are welcome to reach out to Dr. Bobby Jivnani for additional details as well.


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