Plano Dental Clinic Article on Importance of Lighting for Dentists Recently Published

Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental has recently published a blog post that explains the importance of lighting in ensuring that the highest quality dental care is provided. Clinics that provide surgical procedures need to have a high standard for their lighting. For instance, the amount of light required for making sure that the essential details are not overlooked during dental exams and procedures is more than 150 times more compared to the average lighting provided by lighting fixtures built into the ceiling of a dental office.

To ensure that adequate lighting is available for various kinds of needs in the dental practice, they use three different kinds of lighting at their clinic. These are the overhead lighting, headlight, and hand-piece lighting. The overhead lighting units are designed to offer a powerful uniform lighting. Specialized bulbs are surrounded by reflectors that send the light in eight different directions to ensure that the subject is lighted evenly.

Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental attention to detail in ambient lighting during design of their new Plano, TX clinic.

The dentist will sometimes supplement the light from the overhead units with hand-piece lights. These hand-piece units are either standalone units that can go into the mouth of the patient to provide light on a particular spot, or they can be built in to a dental device used by the dentist. The doctor or hygienist may also wear a headlight, which is the third type of light source in a dental practice. This headlight compliments the overhead light by filling shadows resulting from obstructions to the main overhead light.

Having the proper lighting in a dental practice like Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental is vital because even shadows cast by instruments, assistant’s hands, or anything else may prevent the dentist from providing the quality dental care that is required. Dental staff may also suffer from poor ergonomics because they need to work around the poor lighting that is available. For instance, dentists may unconsciously tilt their head to let their headlight provide more light into a difficult to reach area like the lower jaw. A possible result is eye strain and neck fatigue, which may then lead to mistakes made by the dentist.

One key reason why having proper lighting in a dental practice is essential is to ensure that healthy tissues can be properly differentiated from the unhealthy tissues. Color accuracy of artificial light, which is measured by the color rendering index (CRI), should be as close as possible to that of sunlight, which has a CRI of 100. Most household bulbs have a CRI of approximately 85 but light sources for dental practices should at least have a CRI of 94 to ensure that the doctor’s trained eye would be able to differentiate the subtle color variations in teeth and oral tissues.

Too much contrast between the light shining on the target treatment area and the surroundings can also negatively affect the dentist’s ability to see important details. To prevent this from happening, the contrast level should not exceed 3 to 1. This can be achieved by making some adjustments to the overhead light’s power and distance from the subject.

And lastly, lighting is a key factor in helping provide the proper ambiance for a dental clinic. Having the old type of fluorescent fixtures with buzzing ballasts can evoke a feeling of unease in patients. That is why it is essential to make use of modern fluorescent fixtures, particularly those that use LED tubes that have a slightly cooler or more neutral color temperature.

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