Pinnacle Realty Group Promotes Moving Mn Together Real Estate Program

The Coon Rapids, Minnesota-based Pinnacle Realty Group has come up with an innovative way to help those looking to buy a home stay on course for that even in these difficult times. They are doing this through what they call their Moving MN Together Real Estate Program. This program includes such amazing things as the Pinnacle Realty Group paying a new homebuyer’s first-month mortgage. The program applies to whether the group represents the home seller or the home buyer. It’s all part of this real estate group’s ongoing effort to show their commitment to their community. A commitment that the Pinnacle Realty Team, that services such Minnesota areas as Blaine, Champlin, Apple Valley, and Brooklyn Park, realizes is needed now more than ever.

The Pinnacle Realty Group’s Team Leader, Viet Le, says, “Amazing things happen when people come together for a common cause to improve the lives of those around us and this is called TEAMWORK. The Core Values of the Pinnacle Team are seen every day in the good works that we do but never have we come together for such an unprecedented cause before. We believe so strongly in each other and our ability to change lives that we are banding together, now more so than ever, to truly make a difference. Not only today but for the future of so many.”

Moving MN Together - Pinnacle Realty Group

Le added, “Homeownership is the greatest gift we get to be a part of. We are essential for that reason! We must stand together and rise to the occasion set forth just like our neighbors, teachers, and healthcare workers who put their lives on the line every day have done. We at Pinnacle Realty Group want to emulate them in our own way to show Minnesota what we are made of because to give is the greatest gift of them all. We are not typical, we are not average, we are Pinnacle and without a doubt ‘we are better together’.”

The Pinnacle Realty Group’s Team Leader went on to say that they realize that with the recent pandemic many people have been struggling much more than usual. That fact combined with their knowledge that there is something permanent and extremely profound in owning a home is what inspired them to create their Moving MN Together Real Estate Program. Le proudly stated, “To date, we have contributed over $100,000 back to buyer's first month’s mortgages and we are just getting started! We encourage everyone in Minnesota who is struggling and thinks that new homeownership is not possible now to ‘Join the Movement’. When you talk with us, you will quickly realize that owning a new home at this time is not so impossible after all with our help.”

This new program by Pinnacle Realty Group of MN that helps people find the home of their dreams was even the subject of a recent KSTP Channel 5 local news story. The highlight of this news piece talked about Mexican Immigrant Roderigo Contreras’s path to his dream of homeownership. A journey that took lots of hard work and over 30 years to come to fruition. It’s also a story that had a happy ending thanks to Pinnacle Realty Group’s Moving MN Together Real Estate Program. An emotionally overwhelmed Contreras told the interviewer that it was a long journey to owning his first home and it was hard to express the happiness he was feeling. Pinnacle team general manager, Jennifer Giovinazzo, when also interviewed for the news piece, talked about how those at the company felt they have a responsibility to do something in light of the recent pandemic and that’s how their Moving MN Together Real Estate Program came about. She also mentioned how as part of the program paying a new homebuyer's first month’s mortgage is something they are happy to do to help make this possible. It was also stated that no check for that payment is too big or too small either. Giovinazzo added in the interview that current plans are to run the program through the end of the year but if there is still a need after that then they will seriously consider extending it.

Those who would like more information on the Pinnacle Realty Team - Moving MN Together Program can contact this popular Minnesota realty group by phone, email, or by filling out the form found on the homepage of their website.


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