Pinnacle Pest Control Sacramento Rats & Mice Removal Services are Explained in More Detail by the Owner

Pinnacle Pest Control has been one of the leading companies in Sacramento for 20 years now when it comes to controlling rodent problems in homes and businesses. As such, they would like to share with those in the area how they can eliminate rats and mice from a property and then prevent these nuisance critters from re-infesting a home or business. This is information that people who live in one of the most rat-infested cities in America should be very interested to learn.

The company’s president and CEO, Jim Lopez, says, “No one ever wants to share their home with mice and rats for very long. That’s because these critters, although small, can cause many problems when they take up residence on someone’s property. Their gnawing and boring habits can cause extensive interior damage and they have even been known to cause fires when they chew through electrical wiring. The health, odor, and corrosive properties that their feces droppings and urine create are also a very big concern. That’s why over the years we have intensely studied and trained hard to perfect our rodent control services.”

Pinnacle Pest Control team in action

Lopez says that once they get a call that a customer suspects that they have a rodent problem at their home or business, they will first do a thorough inspection when arriving at that location. This is to detect rodent entry & harborage points in a home or commercial building. These often include open vents, gaps between roof shingles &tile, opening near air conditioning drain lines, and gaps under doors. They will also search for food sources such as pet dishes and trash that attract rats and mice and attempt to spot areas that encourage rodent nestings such as log piles, storage sheds, and animal hutches.

The company CEO says that once the inspection is complete, they will then initiate a three-step process to help a customer get rid of their rodent problem and recover from the damage that’s been done. At first, they will remove any rats or mice that are still present in a home or building. He says that his company only uses humane catch and release methods to accomplish this step. The next step in the process according to Lopez is prevention. This includes sealing up all of the rodent entry points that were identified in the inspection and setting out more baits and traps to counter any rat or mice activity outside the home. The final step in the rodent control process Pinnacle Pest Control uses is restoration. He says that this involves such tasks as attic restoration, decontamination, and deodorization. Lopez added that all of their rodent control services are 100% guaranteed and they will return for free if their initial attempt to eliminate a rodent problem fails within 2-years from the date it's first performed.

Pinnacle Pest Control’s rodent removal and re-infestation prevention services are also very well thought of by those that have used them. On their GMB website alone, they are rated a much more than respectable 4.7 out of a possible 5-stars on some 276 reviews that have been left on this company. LA Kimberly Johnson says, “Contacted the company about my rodent issue and someone was out within the hour. I must say wonderful customer service and excellent Inspector (Josh Renwick). My issue was instantly resolved. I now sleep much better at night.” Yvonne Lopez stated, “Wow what a great experience. We had Rats and pinnacle got rid of 4 of them! I could not believe we had four. They were professional on time and courteous. I would refer them to everyone.”

This Sacramento-based pest control company offers many other types of insect and wildlife control services too. That includes being experts when it comes to controlling infestations of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and more. Pinnacle Pest Control serves such Greater Sacramento area communities as Rocklin, Dixon, Fairfield, and Roseville. More information on this highly rated pest control company’s rodent control services can be found on their website or by referring to their Facebook Page.


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