Pinnacle Peak Recovery Examines Benefits Of Sobriety

Scottsdale, AZ: Pinnacle Peak Recovery is always looking to reinforce the positive pathways of sobriety to its client family as they continue recovery after leaving the center’s doors.

It does just that in its recent blog Benefits of Quitting Drinking: A Day Without Alcohol Gives Instant Results.

“When my doctor matter-of-factly said that I should stop drinking because I had signs of liver disease, I couldn’t imagine a life where drinking was off-limits,” recounts an unnamed woman as she documented her experience to approaching removing alcohol from her life and the benefits she noticed in these areas:




Personal Relationships

Making Amends

Spousal/Significant Other Closeness




“My friends have called me with questions about themselves and are also happy to see my path. True friends don’t laugh when you decline a drink. My parents are happy for me, and I am strong,” she shares.

“Each time someone becomes aware that alcohol is not inevitable in someone’s path they choose in life, perhaps they will also pause and rethink their own choices. These are not judgments on others whatsoever. It is just showing another path that is often overlooked.”

Pinnacle Peak Recovery features individual and group therapy with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral therapy and holistic therapies. These additional programs are designed to increase overall health and decrease stress through yoga, meditation, hiking, and equine therapy. All activities take place in a structured, supportive environment, with the goal of finding a sense of well-being and joy in healthy ways. It also makes use of the principles found in 12-step programs.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery’s accredited program provides a full continuum of care from detox to intensive outpatient treatment. The longer a client is connected to care, the better positioned they will be for success. Pinnacle Peak works hard to maintain contact with clients post-discharge with an active alumni program. It prides itself on providing clinical excellence, with compassionate care in a family-feel environment.


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