Pilot Aviator Sunglasses Available At Method Seven

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven is delighted to bring their prescription aviator sunglasses to customers from around the world. While the company initially started out with the intention of making flights easier on pilots via cutting edge eyewear, these innovative glasses have seen use in multiple fields. Method Seven believes in marrying form with function; all of their glasses feature stylish designs that reflect modern engineering.

Customers who have already tried Method Seven’s aviator glasses are well aware of the massive advantages they add when it comes to beating back sunlight as well as keeping eyes cool and alert throughout the day. However, many still have yet to witness this effect for themselves, and will no doubt be eager to try this premium eyewear. The company encourages would-be customers to have a look at the various products on offer.

prescription aviator sunglasses

The Ascent Aviator SKY Sunglasses may currently be purchased from the Method Seven website for $240. This price is affordable given that the Ascent boasts a titanium alloy construction with classic aviator styling and durable construction meant to greatly extend its lifespan. Its frame is light, strong and flexible, making it an excellent companion for long flights under the blazing sun. This pair of glasses is also designed to be used comfortably with headsets and flight helmets with no discomfort even if worn for an extended duration. Rubberized nose pads add to this effect, ensuring comfort at every aspect.

‘SKY’ refers to the lens technology used in the glasses, and these lenses represent the pinnacle of Method Seven’s ingenuous engineering. Crafted exclusively from German glass, SKY utilizes a combination of eleven elements, one of which is rare-earth neodymium, molecularly bonded with the crystalline lens. As the lenses are primarily designed to block harmful light, 13 proprietary coatings work synergistically to block harmful UV and infrared heat. Most notably, however, these lenses offer no compromise on color and clarity, effectively minimizing harm to the eyes while retaining as much of the visual spectrum as possible. While other materials may be used for eyewear, it is Method Seven’s firm belief that glass is still the undisputed — and irreplaceable — champion.

The Ascent Aviator SKY Sunglasses can also be purchased in three different VLTs, defined by the amount of light they allow to penetrate. From darkest to lightest, the lenses come with a rating of SKY 9%, SKY 18% and SKY 30%, giving customers the opportunity to choose a pair that suits their flight habits the best. The SKY 9%, for instance, is one of the darkest lenses available anywhere, making it uniquely suited for particularly bright conditions with high exposure to heat and sun.

Ascent Aviator Sunglasses are also available in a Bifocal and Rx prescriptions. The Method Seven Rx lens has, “An advanced polymer lens featuring notch filtering, enhanced contrast and impossible clarity. Full UV and infrared heat protection in a lightweight and shatterproof neutral gray lens.” These glasses can be purchased between $430 - $600 as Bifocal “Readers,” Single Vision Rx, or Progressive Rx. They boast many of the same groundbreaking strengths of the Ascent Aviator SKY Sunglasses and are fine-tuned for world-class performance. Learn more here: Pilot Aviator Sunglasses.


Method Seven provides customers access to a wide variety of stunning and feature-rich sunglasses for pilots and personnel in other demanding fields. All domestic (US) orders on standard products incur no additional shipping cost for basic delivery. International shipping is also available for an additional fee. Method Seven welcomes any and all inquiries regarding their products. Additional details may be found on their official website. The company can also be reached through their social media channels.


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