Piezosurgery Specialist To Host 2nd Annual Preservation Rhinoplasty USA Symposium

The Rhinoplasty Center, based in Newport Beach, CA, is pleased to announce that they will soon be hosting the 2nd Annual Preservation Rhinoplasty USA Symposium. The Symposium, under the name ‘State of the Art,’ represents a fundamental advance in Rhinoplasty Surgery. It will take place on the 14th of November, 2020 and be held virtually due to the pandemic. There will be no admittance fee for any surgeons who wish to attend.

The primary focus of the Symposium will be on learning Preservation Rhinoplasty, including its philosophies and techniques. The goal is to ensure that a surgeon who takes part will be able to incorporate these techniques into their practice immediately. The subjects covered will include new thinking in nasal aesthetics, analysis, patient selection, piezoelectric surgery and preservation techniques (including preservation of the soft tissue envelope, alar cartilages and dorsum).

The moderator will be Dr. Aaron Kosins and the Discussant is to be Dr. Rod Rohrich, both of whom are highly respected surgeons in their field. Some of the discussions on the agenda will include updates, clinical anatomy and decision making on preservation rhinoplasty. Topics such as closed preservation options and the learning curve will also be addressed here. Personal experiences in the field and a guest lecture by Dr. Valerio Finnochi are also some highlights of the virtual symposium that attendees may look forward to.

One of the topics of discussion at the symposium, and a specialized type of rhinoplasty offered by The Rhinoplasty Center, is Piezosurgery. Dr. Kosins uses this particular form of surgery for many rhinoplasty operations. The procedure was popularized by the Center’s now-retired surgeon Dr. Rollin Daniel and his French counterpart Dr. Olivier Gerbault. This form of surgery is one of the most groundbreaking developments in rhinoplasty in the past two decades. While standard surgeries use a hammer and chisel to break bones so that the bones can be moved, this procedure instead utilizes an ultrasonic vibration to cut hard tissue. This allows Dr. Kosins to perform operations on his patients’ noses without having to break the bones with crude force.

Dr. Kosins observes that many patients are concerned that their surgeon may have to break some bones, which would have been the case if standard instruments were to be used. Fortunately, Piezosurgery allows for the bones to be gently sculpted and cut with less bruising and swelling. This technique is even more beneficial to the patient as it also shortens recovery time.

In addition, this form of surgery greatly improves a rhinoplasty surgeon’s accuracy and precision. Previous forms of surgical procedures were done with instruments placed under or through skin, so the surgeons did not have an ideal view of their working environment. Movement was difficult, which caused difficulty in maintaining precision, and this sometimes led to some minor bone fractures occurring where the surgeons did not intend to. Piezosurgery, however, allows a surgeon to visualize all the cuts they need to make in the bone. This allows for greater precision and accuracy in sculpting asymmetries and irregularities. The technique greatly improves the rhinoplasty results, particularly with the dorsal aesthetic lines. Learn more here: http://therhinoplastycenternewportbeach.com/.

The rhinoplasty clinic reiterates that their surgeon, Dr. Aaron Kosins uses the most up-to-date surgery techniques. He has gained worldwide recognition for his research studies in various fields of plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. One of Dr. Kosins major contributions to rhinoplasty is the treatment of the plunging tip, which is a nose that plunges and becomes wider when the person smiles. Dr Kosins has also authored articles and given lectures on the anatomy and treatment of the nasal bridge and the treatment of the asymmetric nose. In 2015, Dr. Kosins and Dr. Daniel published their studies on the use of piezoelectric surgery in rhinoplasty to provide non-traumatic sculpting of the nose without having to break the bones of the nose.

Thanks to Dr. Kosins’ aesthetically-pleasing results, previous patients often recommended the services offered at the Center. For instance, a testimonial by Shel Rogers on The Rhinoplasty Center’s website states, "There is a reason Dr. Kosins has outstanding reviews. He deserves the 5-Star rating! I'm very happy with the overall experience and results of my rhinoplasty."

The Center possesses both the experience and the techniques needed in order to provide their patients with the best rhinoplasty results. Those interested may visit their website to learn more about their full range of services. One may also reach out to the center’s representatives via phone or email in order to follow up on any further inquiries.


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