Pianoforte Launched Their Newly Improved Website

January 2022 (Sydney, NSW) - Pianoforte proudly announced the launch of their newly improved website this year. The new website includes a new feature: the live chat box where people can easily ask questions from the company's customer representative. This new feature will allow people to ask questions about their services and products. It also allows them to get the information they need without waiting. The company is determined to provide the best customer service, and they believe that this new feature will help them achieve this goal.

The company has been in the industry for over 30 years, and they know that this is a necessary time to spend with family. They would like to thank all of their customers for their continuous support throughout the year. This year, the management looks forward to providing quality service and products to all their customers. They have two piano stores; the first is in Chatswood, and the other is in Seven Hills. Whether customers need an upright piano, a grand piano, electric piano, or the latest Casio or Roland pianos, their stores have exactly what people want. If customers are looking for a second-hand piano, a silent piano, digital piano, or keyboard, it can match their client with a top brand. They are proud to be the industry leader in rental services.

Customers can rent a quality piano for their event or business. The company has a range of pianos, including Casio, Roland, and Yamaha Alex.Steinbach, Makin and Rodgers. Pianoforte is the right choice for buying a piano because they have two stores where customers can go in person and try them out first hand before making a purchase.

The Pianoforte is a family-run company where pianos are more than just a business – they're a passion. Sam and Bella's husband and wife owners, Sam and Bella, are both music professionals – Bella is a pianist and Sam a qualified tuner and technician.

They have passed this on to their two children, Jason and Laura; Jason is a piano tuner and technician, while Laura is a piano tuner and pianist. Since 1987, Sam and Bella's passion, knowledge, and skills have earned a reputation for excellence in the industry.


For more information about Pianoforte, contact the company here:

Swan Kwon
(02) 9411 8911 / (02) 9838 8832
621-627 Pacific Hwy. (via Gordon Ave.)

3/81-83 Station Rd.