Pianoforte: 34 Years and Counting

Sydney, NSW (September 2021) - Pianoforte celebrates their 34 years in the industry of music instruments. Pianoforte is a family-run business where pianos are more than just a passion – they are their life. The owners, Sam and Bella, both have experience in music as professionals. Bella is a pianist, and Sam is a qualified tuner and technician. Music runs in their family: their son Jason is also a piano tuner, and their daughter Laura is a pianist and piano tuner.

Since 1987, the company has been dedicated to making beautiful sounds from their instruments, and people have spent years learning how it works. As many parts interact in unique ways, they create sound effects that last longer than usual.

Pianoforte's mission is to "help people break their chains, unlock their potential and express themselves through music." They think that music can make people happier and more confident. That is why they will only produce the best of the best pianos and sell them to whoever wants one. They also want to promote new artists through influence and exposure on their platform, which is why they have online retail shops on top of their physical stores in Seven Hills and Chatswood.

Pianoforte's vision is to "be the foremost company in all aspects of piano ownership", which they plan to do by providing customers with excellent customer service, unrivalled quality and a beautiful tone of pianos. They also make it more accessible for people to borrow or rent pianos when needed. They also want to encourage the music industry and promote it worldwide through their musical instruments.

Pianoforte stores offer a wide range of services to accommodate their customers, including piano rental and tuning. They give demonstrations and lectures that help make better purchase decisions for those who are new to the world or want more information on how things work before buying one themselves.

Piano Forte has many brands like Alex Steinbach & Co., Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Makin, Rodgers, and accessories around instruments such as keyboards/ organs, etc.

Clients can visit their website and talk to their customer representative or they can come visit one of their stores at Station Rd Seven Hills and Pacific Hwy Chatswood.


For more information about Pianoforte, contact the company here:

Swan Kwon
(02) 9411 8911 / (02) 9838 8832
621-627 Pacific Hwy. (via Gordon Ave.)

3/81-83 Station Rd.