Phoenix Plumber Touts Arizona Misting Systems and AC Maintenance as Important Ways to Stay Ahead of Oppressive Summer Heat

Arizona Plumbing Expert Services, affectionately known to its customers as APES, is one of Phoenix’s leading plumbing and air conditioning service providers. As such, they know a thing or two about beating the oppressive summer heat that is just now only starting to show itself in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. That’s why they recommend to everyone that has a central air conditioning system to be proactive and have a maintenance tune-up done on it right away. This will help keep that system performing reliably and efficiently during the now hottest months of the year. They also recommend homeowners consider putting in one of their custom misting systems to help keep family and friends cool when outside even on the hottest summer days.

Brian Garrison, the owner of APES, says, “If you live in around Phoenix, Arizona you better be well prepared for some often-brutal periods of high temperatures to come your way. At present and going forward for the next few months the days are so hot you don’t even get much relief at night. It’s definitely not the time of year you ever want to be caught without your all-important air conditioning system working. That’s why we at APES recommend for people in the area to let a professional HVAC tech like those at our company do a quick checkup on their air conditioning system. It’s also a great time to explore having innovative ‘heat beating’ systems like our custom-designed water misting systems installed. Phoenix residents really owe it to themselves to take advantage of any way that they can to beat the extreme heat in the area at this time of year. We here at APES are happy to play a major role in that.”

The company owner went on to say that residential HVAC customers can make sure their air conditioner is ready to meet the demands placed on it in the hotter summer months by scheduling a maintenance service call with them. Homeowners with older HVAC systems should also consider replacing these with a newer and more efficient one. Garrison added that may times home builders will put HVAC systems into a home without much thought going into it or because they have access to some inexpensive models. He says this leads to many homes having air conditioner units that are woefully inadequate for the size of home they are placed in. Their techs are trained to spot this if it has occurred. The company owner says they will then go over with the customer their options as far as getting them a system that better meets their air conditioning needs. He also stated that if someone has a backyard patio, BBQ area, or pool and likes to entertain guests, that having a custom misting system can help keep everyone cool and refreshed even while the hot Arizona sun is beating down on them during the day. He also mentioned that for those customers with existing misting systems, their Arizona plumbers have all the parts and other essentials necessary to keep these innovative misting systems up and running.

APES is also well thought of by those that have used their services. Here is an example of that in a review by Christal Lowe, who says, “We had a wonderful experience with Matty over a couple week period. He is efficient, professional & tidy. He went above & beyond to fix several issues that I had previously tried to have get done with another company. Thank you for being prompt & reliable." Another customer, Jim Dale, stated, “Eli and his crew were awesome! Very professional, friendly, and efficient. They left my place in better condition than when they arrived. These three did an excellent job, keeping me informed of the progress and answering any questions I had once the task had been completed. My neighbors even noticed and commented on the great work they did." These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Listing. There are 329 reviews on that listing and when these reviews are average out, the company rates an impressive 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars.

For those seeking more information on his reputable Phoenix plumbing and HVAC company, Garrison says they can be reached by phone, email, or by using the instant messaging system that pops up when someone goes to the home page of their website.


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