Phoenix News And Talk HELPING Restaurants in the Phoenix Metro

Phoenix, AZ #phoenix-az (CNT) – PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com announced that it will help the most affected business in the Phoenix METRO area since the start of the pandemic. That would be restaurants.

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - Restaurant HELP

Especially because of the pandemic, the food business has been up and down and all over the place.

And there are tons of changes in every restaurant in terms of change of service, hours and a whole plethora of other things.

Phoenix News And Talk is setting out to help every restaurant in the Phoenix Metro by posting their updates as a courtesy community update, thereby making it easier for Phoenix restaurant visitors to get up to the minute information.

Troy Warren, Executive Producer of Infotainment Radio which powers Phoenix News And Talk said, “Restaurants need the most help right now with COVID-19 going through another spike again."

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - Restaurant HELP

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Plus, Phoenix News And Talk is rolling out DEAL of the Day for consumers in the Phoenix Metro area.

The official hashtag for Phoenix News And Talk is #phoenix-az.

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