Phoenix News And Talk Deals of the Day Coming

Phoenix, AZ #phoenix-az (CNT) – PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com announced today it is launching Hometown Deals of the Day during the current holiday season.

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - DEALS of the Day

During this pandemic it is important to be able to order online and have items shipped to the front door in a contactless environment.

Phoenix News And Talk is making it easy for Phoenix Metro residents to stay at home while getting deals on items that normally require an in-store visit.

Troy Warren, Editor in Chief of Phoenix News And Talk mentioned, “Phoenix Hometown Deal of the Day enables consumers to get deals on everything from home items to electronics. Nothing is left out.”

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - DEALS of the Day

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The official hashtag for Phoenix News And Talk is #phoenix-az.

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