Phoenix Detailing Specialist Urges Car Owners To See A Professional

AZ-based D.I. Auto Care is encouraging car owners in their community to get their vehicles detailed by a professional if they have not driven in a while. The company states that stationary vehicles can pick up small scratches and other visual damage that builds up if left unattended, especially if parked outside for extended periods, and so they urge drivers to ensure their car has been serviced by a professional who can ensure it keeps looking its best.

D.I. Auto Care is one such professional car detailing provider that is currently offering this service. The company realized earlier this year that many drivers would be obligated to work from home or otherwise have reasons to cut down drastically on the amount they traveled. While this situation might, at first glance, seem to have no effect on a car’s exterior, the company cautions owners against taking their car’s good looks for granted.

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While the company is primarily issuing this advice to car owners who have not traveled much in recent months, they also urge those who still have a daily commute not to forget to have their vehicles taken care of. The need for exterior detailing services in this situation may be obvious to many, the company acknowledges, given that drivers who actively use the roads will be more likely to notice when debris or detritus collides with their car, especially if they are conscientious enough to check after every trip. However, D.I. Auto Care states that they should not forget about their car’s interior as well, which can pick up dust, dirt, stains, odors, food and more depending on the car’s initial condition as well as the habits of its drivers and passengers.

While carrying out cursory dusting and cleaning on occasion is among the general advice the company offers drivers, they also note that a full and thorough cleaning is often all but impossible for the average driver to carry out. A professional car detailing service in Phoenix, for instance, can get stubborn stains from drinks and other spills out of the carpets and seats. This task alone, as many drivers can attest, is extremely difficult, and the use of strong detergent products found at the local supermarket may even make matters worse by damaging the materials involved. Learn more here: Professional Detailing Phoenix.

However, D.I. Auto Care’s interior and exterior detailing services extend far past these aspects. The company is able to go over virtually every inch of a vehicle on their customers’ behalf, examining every minute detail for dust and more in order to restore it to its former pristine condition. Drivers may think first of their car’s seats and other soft surfaces when considering a cleaning service, but professional detailing involves taking every surface into account.

D.I. Auto Care explains, for instance, that many modern cars include a wide variety of materials in their build, including various metals, plastics, glass, leather and more. These materials react differently to cleaning solutions, so the right product must be picked for each one. Only a professional with experience in the field can know which products will get rid of stains and so on most efficiently without leaving behind a damaged surface.

Haylee Jimeno’s 5-Star Google review commends the company for their prompt and professional service, explaining how D.I. Auto Care was able to remove an odour from their car. Many drivers will find themselves in this situation over the course of their car’s lifetime, especially if they have children, like to have coffee in their vehicle and any of a number of other situations or habits that may lead to the car suffering some form of damage. Jimeno’s review says that the company offered a, “Really quick and great service. I would recommend and go back to him again when needed. My main concern was to get rid of the nasty smell in my car, and Paul was able to do so!”

D.I. Auto Care offers a wide variety of detailing and protective services that car owners may learn more about on their official website and other resources. Customers may contact the D.I. Auto Care office directly to discuss their vehicle’s requirements as well. Learn more here: Phoenix Auto Detailing.


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