Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Company Advises Drivers to Get Windshield Crack and Chip Issues Resolved Right Away

Ahwatukee Phoenix auto glass services provider, Auto Glass Shop, advises people to never put off getting a cracked or chipped windshield repaired. They state this because it’s their experience that only bad things can come from someone delaying having a critical windshield repair performed for them. This company is not singular when it comes to advocating that people get necessary windshield repairs and replacements done right away either as other auto glass replacement companies, windshield manufacturers, and insurance providers concur with this advice.

Paul, the owner of Auto Glass Shop, says, “I get often asked how long is it ok to wait before getting a cracked windshield replaced. My reply is the same every time; you should get it taken care of right away even if you only have a small crack or hole in your windshield. This surprises many people but the reasons for this are many. Being in the windshield repair business, we have heard many concerning stories from our suppliers about problems that have arisen from people continuing to drive with cracked or chipped windshields. Not to mention that most people’s windshield repair or replacement is covered by auto insurance and this usually results in little or no out of pocket expense for them. We also do this onsite as part of our mobile windshield services so it involves no extra hassle on our customers' part to get it done.”

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According to Paul, the main reason for getting windshield replacement or repair done right away when it has a crack or hole in it is for safety reasons. Windshields have a lot of force acting on them because of the air that hits them as someone drives. This tends to enlarge cracks or start to produce spider cracks outwards from a hole or chip. That means that if another rock hits that damaged windshield as someone is driving, that rock has the potential to penetrate through into the passenger compartment. This poses a very big safety risk to anyone inside the vehicle. He added that many people also do not realize that their windshield is a structural component of their vehicle. They are even sturdy enough to help contribute to keeping the passenger compartment intact in the event of a rollover accident. Windshields that are cracked or chipped hurt the structural integrity of any vehicle if it rolls over. The company owner also talked about how cracks and chips can cause blind spots in a driver’s important field of vision. This results in another condition that can be a serious safety hazard when someone is operating a motor vehicle. Glare and other light concerns while driving may also be multiplied when sunlight or light from headlights hits the cracks or chips in a windshield. Paul says that drivers should also be aware that Arizona state laws often include fines for those who drive with severe windshield cracks or chips.

The company owner added that they perform windshield repairs and replacements throughout Phoenix and such surrounding areas as Scottsdale, Mesa, Ahwatukee, and Glendale. He mentioned that they can also calibrate the window sensors on cars that have had their windshields replaced and they offer a wide selection of window tinting services too.

The reviews on this windshield replacement company’s services have also been very positive. Gwendolyn McDowell wrote, “I was on the freeway heading to work and a rock hit the windshield and started a long crack. I called Auto Glass Shop and they came out within a few hours and replaced my windshield while I was at work. Great Job.” Hannah Marshall stated, “I put a lot of miles on my car for work, and yesterday on the I-10 a rock hit the windshield and made a large crack. I found out online that Paul and his company were near my house. He came out within a few hours and replaced the windshield and even went the extra mile by taking care of all the paperwork with the insurance company.” These and other 5-star reviews like them can be seen on Auto Glass Shop’s GMB Listing.

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