Philippines 4 K Relaxation Film the latest Addition to the Destination Paradise YouTube Channel

Destination Paradise is a YouTube Channel that is pleased to bring its viewers some breathtaking videos of different areas of the world that have calming music playing in the background. The fact that the majority of each film is shot using high-resolution drone video makes for a very dramatic and relaxing video-watching experience. This YouTube channel is proud to announce its latest video which is a Philippines 4K relaxation film. It features some amazing footage shot in this Asian nation that is made up of over 7000 islands.

“If you have never been to the Philippines to see all that this beautiful nation offers, then here is your chance”, says Destination Paradise creator, Greg Webster. “It truly is a special place that features everything from a sprawling capital city to some of the most untouched places in the entire world. We are more than happy to present you with a nice selection of footage of some of the major sites of this popular vacation country with some very calming music playing in the background.”

Philipines 4K

This newly uploaded video started off featuring some scenery from one of the more remote areas of the Philippines. That’s one of its westernmost islands known as Palawan. It is more than an hour’s flight from the mainland and other than the bustling small city of Puerto Princesa this island area has few population centers. Despite its remote location, it’s a popular place for visitors to the Philippines. That’s because the main island is surrounded by many smaller islands that are surrounded by crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and other breathtaking scenery. Many of which can be seen in the video. It makes this area of the country a favorite destination for both divers and sun-seekers alike. This part of this Philippines 4K relaxation film has several minutes of footage that was taken from the El Nido, Palawan area. A destination that can only be reached by a rough jeep ride or by boat. The film captures how this popular vacation spot has a pristine white sand beach that is uniquely surrounding by sheer cliffs. Webster says this is a one-of-a-kind experience for those that visit this exotic location that he is happy that his viewers get to experience it on his YouTube channel. Many coral reefs, waterfalls, and mountainous areas in the Palawan region are also featured in this section of the video.

The video takes a dramatic twist when it then flies shows drone footage of Manila. That takes the viewers from one of the most remote areas in the world to one of the most densely populated. Webster likes how this portion of the video combines footage of tall skyscrapers that you would see in any major city with areas of tin-roofed homes that are seemingly built right on top of each other. Also captured in this section of the video is the famous Roxas Blvd that parallels the iconic Manila Bay. He noted that this section of drone footage manages to even catch the busy Manila traffic scene. At this point, the Philippine relaxation video once again shifts its attention to more remote areas. This includes the popular island destination of Boracay. A place which is known for its world-class white sandy beach. As the one-hour and two-minute video heads to its conclusion, it features more drone footage from the Island of Palawan. This time it focuses more on the mountain areas of this remote destination and some beautiful scenes of the many rocky coastlines that are also found in the area.

Many other nature relaxation videos can also be viewed on this YouTube channel. That includes country-specific videos such as those shot in New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, France, and Romania and various videos of each of the 50 states of America. Some of Destination Paradise’s videos even focus on single scenic attractions from various places around the world that are full of history or breathtaking landscaping. Webster stated that he will continue to strive to upload some of the best and most relaxing high-resolution films that can be seen on any YouTube channel.


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