Philadelphia Tree Service Experts Warns Homeowners Against Trimming Their Trees in the Summer Season

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – After receiving numerous tree trimming requests last summer, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts has decided to help property owners in Philadelphia and neighborhoods like Chesterbrook, Penn Wynne, Ardmore, Swarthmore, Narberth, Berwyn, Blue Bell, and East Whiteland Township understand the dangers of investing in tree trimming during the summer season. To get the message home, the company invited homeowners from Philadelphia for a lunch and learn event held at the company’s headquarters.

Speaking at the event, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Trees snap out of the dormant stage in the spring season. The dormant period is a period when trees stop growing temporarily – this period starts in the fall season and lasts through winter. After snapping out of the dormant stage in the spring, the trees are generally growing at a maximum rate in the summer. For this reason, trimming the trees in the summer causes a significant risk of injury.”

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts CEO noted that the only tree cutting procedures that should be carried out in the summer are the ones that cannot be avoided. “Investing in tree pruning to remove damaged branches or get rid of diseased limbs is acceptable in the summer,” noted the CEO, “however, tree trimming is never a good idea as you may cause a lot of injuries on the tree – in extreme cases, you may kill your tree.”

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts has been in the tree service industry for more than 25 years. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals Philadelphia handles all types of tree maintenance practices. In addition to having a tree trimming team Philadelphia, the company also has a tree service removal Philadelphia team, a stump removal team, and an emergency tree service Philadelphia team.

“We must protect this city’s urban forest,” said the company’s CEO, “and ensuring that tree owners are investing in the right tree maintenance procedures at the right time is just the first step. Our next steps involve ensuring that every tree service procedure we handle results in maximum benefits. Also, although we are often called the best tree removal company Philadelphia, we always limit tree removal to trees that cannot be saved.”

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