Philadelphia Tree Service Experts Safely Completes Tree Trimming for a 180-Foot Eucalyptus

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A company that boasts an experienced tree-trimming team and modern tree service tools, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts has recently put both to use on a 180-foot tall tree. Using a bucket truck to reach the tree’s crown, the company removed the excess branches to reduce overcrowding and gave the tree an aesthetically appealing shape.

“I had contacted several companies and most of them were just not ready to work on the tree,” said Mark Sena, the tree owner. “While they did not state the reason why they did not want to trim the tree, I had to assume it was because the tree was too large and stood next to my house – they were afraid that they may end up causing significant property damage. Luckily for me, I found Philadelphia Tree Service Experts online. The company’s price estimate was affordable and when we agreed on everything, they were here early the next day. They worked harder than I expected and completed the tree trimming procedure in just 2 hours.”

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts

To understand how complicated this recent tree care procedure was for Philadelphia Tree Service Experts, reporters reached out to the CEO for a comment. The CEO helped them understand how his team managed to trim the tree safely, without causing property damage or damaging the tree itself.

“When it comes to handling big trees,” said the company’s CEO, “good planning plays a key role in ensuring the success of a project. Our Philadelphia tree trimming team has spent the last 25+ years planning tree care procedures in Philadelphia and neighborhoods like Chesterbrook, Penn Wynne, Swarthmore, Narberth, Berwyn, Blue Bell, and East Whiteland Township.”

“Taking advantage of the experience they have gained from previous tree trimming procedures,” added the company’s CEO, “our team was able to analyze the eucalyptus tree and determine all the risks surrounding it. To make sure that these risks did not turn into reality, the team took advantage of its advanced tree service tools. The bucket truck, for example, helped the team reach the tree crown safely. The crane, on the other hand, ensured that each of the branches that the team cut was brought down safely without touching the house that stood 10 feet from the tree.

The Philadelphia Tree Service Experts CEO proceeded to warn homeowners against planting large trees on smaller landscapes. He noted that the trees can outgrow their allocated space and cause property damage.

“Eucalyptus trees can become extra big when planted in a location that offers nutrients and enough water,” the Philadelphia Tree Service Experts CEO said to reporters. “The Eucalyptus on Mark’s landscape seems to have hit the jackpot – the tree had been planted in a perfect location, allowing it to maximize on its height and width. The only thing that made Mark Sena lucky is the fact that he has a very expansive landscape. If his home was smaller – like most properties in Philadelphia are – he would have found the eucalyptus tree pressing against his house, his brick wall, or any other type of utility that would have been nearby. To save his utilities, Mark would have needed tree removal instead of tree trimming.”

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts CEO noted that one of his company’s main goals is to help homeowners keep their trees alive for as long as the tree’s natural lifespan allows. The CEO noted that his team of tree cutting professionals in Philadelphia preferred tree care procedures over tree removals. According to the CEO, encouraging homeowners to plant trees that would fit perfectly on their landscapes was his way of helping homeowners minimize tree removals in the city.

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