Pflugerville, Texas Residents Turn to Resurgence Behavioral Health for High-Quality Substance Abuse Treatment Near Austin

Austin, TX - Residents of Pflugerville, Texas are finding effective treatment choices for substance use disorders at Resurgence Behavioral Health, a nationwide network of treatment centers offering comprehensive therapy for drug and alcohol addiction.

Resurgence Texas draws clients from across the US and is conveniently close to residents of Austin and Travis County. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that Travis County’s drug-overdose rate is 11.6 per 100,000 people for all drugs and 4.8 per 100,000 people for opioids. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called for expanding drug treatment programs, especially for opioid addiction, as overdose rates rise.

Pflugerville residents seeking addiction treatment care have access to the entire continuum of care at Resurgence, from detox to residential and outpatient treatment, with sober living and other aftercare and follow-up programs for long-term sobriety. While in-person care is preferred for outpatient treatment, Resurgence also offers a virtual outpatient program using digital tools for people who can’t come in for treatment.

Resurgence Texas takes a holistic approach, with customized, highly individual therapy that treats the whole person. Because each person’s addiction experience is different, their treatment should be too. Treatment also goes beyond the addiction itself, which often is not the core condition but a symptom of an underlying psychological disorder. For example, an addict may be “self-medicating” to relieve depression or anxiety, which may be the result of a physical or emotional condition. Therefore, Resurgence treats addiction as a dual diagnosis; its programs include mental health treatment and trauma-informed care.

This holistic philosophy encompasses everything at Resurgence, including the environment it creates for its clients. Resurgence creates a homelike setting that’s both physically and emotionally comfortable, with as little stress as possible. Resurgence removes all practical worries, believing that the more comfortable the client is, the more relaxed and open they will be to treatment.

At Resurgence Texas, this belief is carried out in a serene, rustic setting where clients can connect with nature and with each other. Nature has a calming effect that can quiet racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety that are common when the addict has stopped using their addictive substance of choice. Clients at Resurgence Texas have many opportunities to experience nature including horseback riding, hiking, and taking trips to nearby natural springs. Accommodations also provide comfort. The center’s warm décor makes it feel more like a home than a treatment facility.

Resurgence allows addicted couples to attend treatment together (while residing in separate accommodations). Resurgence believes recovery outcomes improve when both members of the couple are motivated to find sobriety. Pets are also allowed at Resurgence as they provide important emotional comfort. For readers that are looking for a first-class alcohol & drug rehab center in Austin, make sure to contact Resurgence Alcohol & Drug Rehab Austin for help.

Resurgence programs are delivered by a highly experienced staff who are dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of recovering addicts. They have a special understanding of their clients’ needs, as many are in recovery themselves. This gives them a personal and authentic understanding of what their clients are going through and what they need to succeed.

Anyone seeking help with addiction for themselves or a loved one may call Resurgence at 855-458-0050 or visit to learn more.


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