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Columbus Pest & Termite provides the best pest control services to Columbus, Ohio over any other pest control company in the area. They have a team of professional exterminators who have all gone through hours of high tier training on how to treat every species of pest local to Franklin County. Their services are already being known as the most reliable and affordable in the area and they just opened last week.

They offer three main pest control services: custom pest treatments, routine property checkups, and emergency responses. Their custom pest treatments are popular because they are proven to be the most reliable services among any other pest control treatments in the county. The company is able to achieve this level of excellence because each treatment is specifically designed for each individual species of pest it is meant to treat. No one service treats two different species of pest.

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The company says that this allows them to guarantee the most effective results without hurting their customers wallets. The president of the Columbus Pest & Termite said, “Our routine checkups are so popular because we actually took the time to design each treatment from the ground up. This means each pest infestation is taken care of in the best possible way depending on the species of pest.

Their second service is their routine checkups. A lot of people like these because they don’t require customers to sign a contract and they prevent pest infestations from happening in the future. A representative of the company said, “Why wait for an infestation to happen and then try to treat it when the infestation can be prevented from ever happening in the first place?

Their team of exterminators will come to the target property and make sure there is no way for the pests to get in. They seal up any entry ways the pests might use and spray the property with environmentally friendly, industrial pest sprays that no pest would want to even come close to. The business is extremely flexible on scheduling these appointments but are usually set up monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.

There are a lot of dangerous animals and pests local to the area. People are met face to face with these dangerous creatures daily so that is why Columbus Pest & Termite offers responses to emergency calls. They will quickly answer any call that people have and help handle any situation involving dangerous animals or pests in the safest way possible. They treat wild and distressed animals as well as painful or poisonous pests like wasps or hornets.

The company has a lot of high star reviews online, praising their services. If anyone thinks they have a pest problem they should give Columbus Pest & Termite a try today. They can be reached by phone or on their website at

One of their exterminators recently said, “Pests are dangerous creatures to have infesting a building. Depending on the pest, they could completely destroy the building or spread disease and germs to the families and business owners of Franklin County. These critters can take over an entire building overnight so if anybody thinks they have a pest problem they should contact a professional today for reliable help."


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