Pest Control of Westminster Notice of Merger

Pest Control of Westminster has been a quality pest control service company in the Westminster, California area for a long time. Their services are highly reviewed and guaranteed to bring the preferred results. Their team of professional exterminators have been fighting pest infestations for over a decade and it shows in their work. The team brings a lot of experience to the table and this helps them get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

The company has been looking to grow and to start this growth plan they just recently announced a plan to merge with another local company that is remaining unnamed for the time being. The merger will help Pest Control of Westminster grow their service area, their quality of equipment and utility vehicles, and the number of people they can help. There has been a large increase in pest infestations in the past few years and because of this the company has been busy. This has taken a toll on the equipment that the team uses and vehicles they drive. This merger will provide new equipment to replace the old and offer backup vehicles in case the current ones break down.

The president of Pest Control of Westminster went on to talk about this in an interview, “Pests are becoming harder to treat because they are becoming more resilient to everyday pest control practices. Do it yourself methods and over the counter pest control products aren’t working as well as they used to. Because of this, the number of infestations is higher than ever before and our team of professionals is fighting to control this. We have stayed busy and because of this our equipment and vehicles have taken a hit. We will acquire brand new pest control equipment and utility vehicles in this merger. This equipment will help our exterminators perform pest control services faster and more effectively than ever before.”

The company is very trusted in Orange County by both homeowners and business owners. For property owners worried that a pest problem is present the company can be reached by phone or online at their website - It’s not advised to delay contacting a professional if the threat of an infestation is likely. Pests can come into a property quickly and they multiply even faster without most people even noticing.


For more information about Pest Control of Westminster, contact the company here:

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