Pest Control of Orange County Plan of Merger

Pest Control of Orange County had a board meeting on Wednesday. In the meeting the board voted and decided on a new merger. The merger will be between Pest Control of Orange County and another unnamed company. “The merger will allow for a lot of growth in the service area, cash flow, and employee base of the company,” said the company’s president on Thursday.

The merger nearly doubled the company’s assets. These assets include new pest control vans and pest control equipment. There will also be 5 new employees transferring from the unnamed company to Pest Control of Orange County. All of these employees have been in pest control for over 5 years. The oldest employee has been in the business for over 25 years. These employees are highly trained exterminators that know how to take care of all pest infestations in Orange County.

Expert Bed Bug Removal

Orange County has seen a great increase in the number of infestations in the area. Bed bugs and termites are among the worst. They can quickly infest all areas of a residential or and/or commercial property. Once infested, they multiply rapidly and do not settle until they are treated for.

A representative for Pest Control of Orange County recently stated, “Pests are adapting more and more to their surroundings. Bugs like termites, bedbugs and cockroaches are becoming extremely resistant to most pest control products available in retail stores. The treatments in those products are staying the same but the bugs are advancing. Our services don’t stay the same. We constantly update and change the methods of doing things in order to return the best possible results.”

The company president went on to say, “This merger will allow us to grow the area we serve. Allowing us to grow our customer base and help as many people with their pest problems as possible. No one should be uncomfortable in their own home. The team is excited to welcome the new employees and are eager to use the new equipment. This merger is the key to growing our company even more and spreading our service area to reach as many people as possible.”

Bugs are becoming a huge problem for people everywhere. There is an ever increasing number of infestations each year. If expert exterminator services are needed consider contacting Pest Control of Orange County by phone or visit their website:


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