Pest Control Company is Making Rodent Extermination Systems More Effective

It has been reported that rodents are becoming resistant to the traditional methods of pest control. This is why a new local company, New Method Pest Control says it has created new and more effective solutions to get rid of rats and mice. The company's innovative approach relies on two different substances; one which kills the rodent and another prevents them from breeding. The company is confident that the pest control system is a more effective and sustainable solution than other methods of pest extermination.

"Above the effectiveness of our treatments, the safety of our customers is the most important thing," says one representative. "That's why we have developed solutions that are completely safe to the people living in a home, we want to make sure that pest control is done correctly and effectively without any unnecessary risks," he continues.

In recent years rodents have become more resistant to pest control treatments. New Method Pest Control has been developing new methods of eradicating rodent infestation that are less invasive and cost-effective. "Rodents have started to adapt to many of the treatments that pest control providers have been using for years," says owner and CEO, Richard Patel. "We're now developing new methods that are less invasive and cost-effective, while also being more effective."

The company plans to start offering these new and more effective rodent control services later this month sometime. Many residents are excited about the company's new pest control service because they've been having a lot of rat problems in their homes lately. James Burkland a resident of Bakersfield, CA said, "I've been trying for a long time to get rid of the rats in my home. I have an infestation that's getting out of hand, so I am very happy that the company is going to start offering more effective rodent control services."

Those interested can learn more about the company and the services it offers here.


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