Pest Control Company Hiring New Staff

Every year there is a spike in the number of cases of people getting stung. To help prevent this from happening, local pest control company, Buzz’s Bee Removal of Waycross has hired two new exterminators. The new employees have years of experience in the pest control industry and have been through hours of professional training. They have gone to numerous seminars and workshops over the years to stay up to date on the most advanced techniques for pest extermination.

The president of the company said in a recent company meeting, “Every year there is a spike in infestation for every species of pest. To combat this we have decided to hire two new exterminators onto the team. Please help me welcome Tom and Martin. Tom has been in the pest control industry for around three years now and has had plenty of experience treating every native species of pest in the area. Martin has been in this industry for around eight years and he just moved here last week. Please help me welcome these two to the team and I know they are going to do a great job at protecting our community.

By hiring two new employees, the company will be able to expand its service area to help more people than ever before. They will also be able to better protect the current area. Their team offers a variety of services that deal with any species of stinging pests. This includes bees, wasps, and hornets. They first analyze the species on the target property and then customize a plan to exterminate the pests in the best possible way.

Their team then thoroughly eradicates every pest on the property as well as completely removes the nest. They will repair any damages that the pests have inflicted and will properly sanitize the area to prevent another pest infestation in the future. Buzz’s Bee Removal has been protecting the local community for years and is known as having the most reliable and affordable services around.

Yellowjackets are one of the most common pests in Georgia. They are known for their painful sting and for being very intimidating. They are definitely not kid or pet friendly and can cause damage to whichever structure they decide to build their nest on. This species of pest is most aggressive in the fall and will attack any potential threat to their nest by swarming and stinging anything in close proximity.

Pests multiply and spread quickly and will completely take over an entire property in the span of a couple of days. If anyone is having trouble with a pest infestation on their property they should contact Buzz’s Bee Removal of Waycross right away. They can be reached by phone or on their website at


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