Pest Control & Exterminators of Yucaipa Announces Merger Agreement

Pest Control & Exterminators of Yucaipa has provided professional pest control services to Yucaipa, California for over fifteen years now. The company has a team of six pest exterminators who have all been professionally trained on how to treat every species of pest in the area. They have gone through hours of training and have years of experience in pest control. The company’s services are known to be fast, affordable, and reliable compared to every other pest control company in the county.

San Bernardino County has been the victim of a major pest infestation outbreak. Pests are spreading and multiplying faster and further than ever before. Due to this, the company has been extremely busy trying to keep up with all the new calls. In order to better control the spread the company has gone into a merger agreement with another local pest control company. The president of Pest Control & Exterminators of Yucaipa talked more about the merger, “Pests have been on the rise recently and because of this we have stayed very busy. Our team has had to work a lot of overtime so to better fight off the pests we have decided to agree to a merger agreement with another smaller pest control company. The merger states that we will receive brand new pest control equipment, new pest control utility vans, as well as new employees. This will help us expand our service area and help more families and business owners than ever before.

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The company offers three main services: custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency responses. Their custom treatments are popular because they guarantee that each pest infestation is taken care of in the most effective way possible. The company is able to do that because each treatment is custom designed to treat the individual species of pest it is designed to get rid of. By doing this the company can guarantee that each pest is taken care of in a way that gets the job done in the quickest, most affordable, and most reliable way possible. These services are truly what makes Pest Control & Exterminators of Yucaipa stand out over the rest of the pest control companies in the area.

Their routine checkups are popular because they stop the pest infestation from ever happening in the first place. Their exterminators will go to the target property and take all of the preventative measures to ensure that the pests have no way of invading the property in the future. They look for and seal up any entryways that the pests might use and spray the property with environmentally safe pest spray. This pest spray is industrial grade so no pest will want to come near.

Finally, their emergency responses are needed for when people are faced with dangerous situations including wild animals and pests. People should never try to take care of wild and distressed animals on their own because it is extremely unsafe. Same with pests and rodents. Pests and rodents spread a lot of bacteria and diseases and should not be handled without professional help.

The company has a lot of great reviews so if people think they have a pest infestation they should contact Pest Control & Exterminators of Yucaipa today. They can be reached by phone or on their website at Their hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and then from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. Their services are reliable and affordable and their exterminators are friendly and helpful.


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