Personalized Wall Art Now Available At Widdlytinks

Online webstore Widdlytinks is pleased to announce that customers may now purchase personalized wall art from their platform. The company specializes in the creation and rapid delivery of a wide variety of wall art, all of which is available for shipping throughout the US.

“The art you choose to hang on your walls can represent anything from throwaway interior decor to an incredibly personal statement about who you are,” says Amy Anderson of Widdlytinks. “In fact, many would argue that not putting much thought into a home’s appearance is itself a statement, so we urge you to reach out to us and start exploring the myriad choices we place at your disposal. We have a great selection of pre-designed canvas wall art that is great for virtually any occasion or season you can think of—but we wanted to go a step further and give you the ability to put more of yourself into your artwork too. Widdlytinks is immensely proud to share that you can begin personalizing your art through our store right away!”

personalized canvas wall sign

Since Widdlytinks strongly believes that their customers deserve to have as much flexibility and as many options as possible, every product they offer is made to order. As such, customers should never feel limited by the initial possibilities they see on the Widdlytinks store; every item can be adjusted or modified in some way that makes it resonate better with the home it is destined for. Furthermore, customers will be pleased to learn that all of their products are made in the USA.

A large array of categories can be found on the website, ranging from Rustic Farmhouse Decor to Modern Industrial and Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Canvas wall art pieces for each of the seasons are available as well, and Widdlytinks notes that customers may want to browse their Autumn & Fall selection as this season is right around the corner. As they state on their website, “Welcome the season of the soul with beautiful golden colors and rustic details. Our fall collection of canvas wall art will add a cornucopia of Autumn colors to your wall and make for a delightful addition to your seasonal decor. These unique designs start as low as $109.95 with free shipping. Select a design below to see pricing and sizing details.”

This selection is far from the only one on offer, however. Widdlytinks is also proud of their My Stick Family signs, which are perfect to show off a household’s occupants (including pets like cats and dogs). This quirky, minimalist and eye-catching sign can be personalized, like all their other prints, but here the customer may attune it specifically to their family and no other by adding their name as well as positioning each family member in the way that describes their family the best.

Some customers may have concerns regarding the company’s services given ongoing events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Widdlytinks is keen to reassure their community of art enthusiasts that they are monitoring the situation closely and have taken steps that will allow them to respond promptly to new developments. As such, customers should see no reduction or outage in service for the foreseeable future, and orders are being shipped out on a regular basis. However, given that the company does not retain full control of third party vendors and delivery agents, they advise customers to understand that minor delays may occur during this period.

Anderson comments, “If you’re thinking of getting some beautiful new wall art to mark an occasion, like an anniversary or birthday, we encourage you to make your purchases even earlier than you may be accustomed to. This will help ensure that any shipping delays your item encounters will not result in a late present.”

More information can be found on the company’s website, and customers are welcome to contact Amy Anderson for further details. Those interested in keeping up with the company’s latest products may follow Widdlytinks on their social media platforms as well. Browse their extensive catalogue today at the following link:


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