Personal Injury Lawyer Riverside Discusses the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney After a Mishap

Alexander D. Napolin, a reputable personal injury lawyer Riverside, has heard of many instances where accident victims settle their cases without legal representation. Most of the time, this results in a lower settlement amount than those with legal representation receive for similar personal injury cases. That’s why he encourages those that have suffered an injury because of another’s wrongdoing to at least sit down with an experienced personal injury attorney like him to see how legal representation can benefit them. He stated that these benefits go well beyond just increasing the chances of getting a higher claim amount too.

Attorney Napolin says, “When someone becomes an innocent victim in a personal injury accident, it can be a very stressful and confusing time for them. This is especially true as medical bills start to add up, wages are lost, and other pressures surrounding the accident take hold. It’s enough to make any victim tempted to settle their claim right away and at least get some guaranteed money heading their way. Unfortunately, it’s definitely not the recommended way to go. This will be clearly seen as I go over the advantages that hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer brings to someone that has been injured in an accident through no fault of their own.”

Personal Injury Lawyer Riverside

According to this experienced car accident lawyer Riverside, one of the reasons they can consistently obtain higher personal injury settlement amounts for their clients is that they know the value of specific types of accident claims. This comes from litigating personal injury cases for many years. He says they recognize the importance of factoring into a claim such things as pain and suffering, the types of injuries that were sustained, future medical needs, and also how to counter the strategy of the defendant’s insurance company. Another important reason for an accident victim to hire a personal injury attorney is to help decision-making become easier. This is important in regards to such litigation processes as when to settle a claim or when to take the case to court. Attorney Napolin says this also greatly contributes to lessening the stress involved in going through a personal injury case and easing the fears that naturally go along with these cases too.

Attorney Napolin also talked about how a good personal injury lawyer can insulate a claimant from the aggressive tactics that the defendant’s insurance company may apply. This is important because they have a whole team of lawyers working for them whose sole purpose is to keep that insurer's payout for a claim to a minimum. Personal injury attorneys are also highly motivated to win their cases. That’s because they do not get a dime unless they win the case. This also means there are no upfront costs for their clients to worry about to get their case started.

Among the different types of personal injury cases that Attorney Napolin handles include his specialty which is moving vehicle accidents. This covers those that have been injured by cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles being operated carelessly. Other specialty law areas of this legal practice include product liability law, medical malpractice, and workman’s comp. He says they will even do a very good job of handling someone’s bankruptcy for them.

Reviews left by clients of this Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Riverside are almost always highly favorable. In a 5-star review left on their Google Maps Business listing, Vanessa Gonzalez stated, “I had an amazing experience with this firm! Always communicated well and got me a great settlement for my injury case. I highly recommend Napolin for a car accident lawyer if you live in Riverside! Thank you. You are the best!”

Attorney Napolin says that anyone in the Riverside, California area that is looking for an ‘accident injury lawyer near me’ can contact him by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage. This Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer also has locations in Glendale, Ontario, and Orange County.


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