Personal Injury Lawyer In Atlanta Publishes Blog Post On Accident Victims’ Rights

Atlanta based, The Brown Firm, is taking measures to increase client awareness of their rights as well as consequences in situations that may be classified as personal injury cases. In their latest step toward this goal, the firm published a blog post titled 'Do I Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Atlanta?'. Due to the increasing numbers of personal injury claims, the firm hopes to alleviate the difficulties clients may face when pursuing such a claim. Learn more here: Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer.

The firm's blog post tackles many aspects of personal injury cases. A major accident can be overwhelming as one may have to recover from physical injuries, property damage, emotional stress, and trauma — while dealing with insurance companies. This is why many people choose to file a personal injury claim. It can save a client from a fortune in medical bills, costs of repairs and gives them the ability to focus on recovering while their attorney handles the insurance companies. Despite these benefits, many wonder if they should file such a claim. Fortunately, the Brown Firm offers free consultations to potential clients, giving them the chance to address any initial doubts without taking on additional debt.

One would need a personal injury lawyer as insurance covers only a portion of incurred costs, and filing a claim may prevent many out of pocket expenses. This is particularly true when the accident is not one's fault, and likely the result of someone else's neglect (where the client is the victim).

The Brown Firm in Atlanta, GA, advises clients about the three criteria they must have fulfilled for the case to be taken by a personal injury lawyer. The first is the negligent acts of another party, who may be an individual person or a company. The second criteria is that the accident must have occurred within the last two years. All claims beyond this time frame would not be confirmed as a valid claim. The post explains, "The reason for this is better known as a two-fold. First, it is going to be distinctly hard to gather evidence for a case like that. Second, is that it is unreasonable to put in a claim so long after the injury has been received."

The final requirement is that the party who committed the act must have the ability to pay compensation to the other party. This is usually covered by the opposing party's insurance, but not in all circumstances.

Robin Cook gives the firm a 5-Star rating, with prominence given to the positive elements such as their Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness and Value. The Google review states that The Brown Firm is an, "Excellent company! I have used them twice.. Both times, they were very helpful. Kept me updated along the way and made me feel like a person instead of a case. Not to mention I got way more than I expected both times! Definitely call them!"

The firm takes it upon themselves to address some frequently asked question brought forward by potential clients. They draw from many years of offering free consultations on potential personal injury claims, explaining that, "We've heard all kinds of questions." While most clients have their own unique inquiries, certain situations tend to repeat themselves.

The post addresses questions such as what types of accidents fall under personal injury accidents. Some of the most common types include car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, as well as slips and falls or cases of medical malpractice. The post further states that, "Any time a person is injured due to the neglect of another person or business, that would fall under personal injury law." Having a lawyer tackling a case will enable a client to receive full compensation, which may not be possible on insurance claims alone.

Other questions tackled include the possible durations of personal injury cases and what must one do if one was to blame for the damage caused. Issues such as the potential cost of a personal injury attorney, or how much a case may be worth, are also addressed in detail.

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