Personal Injury Attorney Columbus GA Explains What’s Involved When Litigating Defective Products Claims

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. – Columbus is a Georgia law office that specializes in handling all different types of personal injury-related cases. That includes an area of personal injury law that has to do with injuries that result from defective products. It’s a very tricky area of personal injury law. This is because for a product liability legal claim to be honored in a court of law a victim or their legal representation must not only prove that a product was defective but that this defect directly led to the victim being injured. This is why those at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. – Columbus state that these types of personal injury cases should only be litigated by law offices such as theirs that have a vast amount of experience when it comes to product liability law. It’s also an area of personal injury law that those at this firm wanted to explain the finer points of in more detail.

A representative of the Kenneth S. Nugent Law Office, Tim Derrickson, says, “By far one of the most difficult types of personal injury cases that we handle are those that involve defective products. A legal team really has to be at the top of its game to litigate these types of personal injury cases successfully. Fortunately, we have experienced product liability attorneys and the supporting legal staff in place to litigate these types of personal injury cases successfully a majority of the time. That’s why so many in the Columbus area seek out our help when they are injured in a mishap that is directly caused by a defective product.”

Derrickson went on to explain that there are three main types of defective product liability claims where a manufacturer or seller can be held responsible for putting a defective product into someone’s hands and then that product causes an injury. The first and most common product liability area has to do with manufacturing defects. This is where a single product is not put together as intended during a manufacturing or assembly process and an injury to the user results. He mentioned such is the case when a single tire in a line of tires proven to be safe has a seam that did not weld together properly while being assembled and a blowout and accident directly resulted from this. Another claimable product liability area has to do with design defects. This is where a design flaw causes problems across an entire line of products. An example of this is a model of car that has experienced several incidents where their throttles hang wide open even when an operator is not pressing on the gas pedal. The company representative pointed out that the third type of product liability has to do with marketing defects; sometimes referred to as ‘a failure to warn’. This is where a manufacturer has not alerted consumers to a hidden danger with a product or included proper instructions on how to use a product safely. Children’s toys that are not properly labeled with a choking hazard warning or do not include a proper listed age range on them are an example of this type of product liability.

The company representative also brought up some of this law office’s personal injury specialties in addition to product liability. This includes accidents involving trucks, cars, buses, or any other type of moving vehicle. He stated that their Columbus law office can also handle personal injury claims that involve slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workplace injuries, premises liability, construction accidents, and even cases involving dog bites.

Those that have had this law office represent them in personal injury cases have been very happy with the results. Sylanda Holsey stated, “Great experience! Very professional & prompt! Anytime we had any questions, they were quick to respond and very polite! It's like we formed a special bond. They express their concern and their team makes you feel very comfortable! They favorably handled my mom's accident case and I would highly recommend them! They really mean it when they say One Call, that's all! Casey Ford & Maria Robinson (Columbus office) are Awesome! Great team overall!” Lisa Lisa proclaimed, “My attorney and everybody I came into contact with at this office were great. Every question I had was answered and any concern I had was always addressed promptly. During the entire process, I was always kept informed about everything going on, and every time I spoke with anyone in the office, I was always asked how I was doing. I won't go anywhere else if I ever need an attorney again and I've told all my family to do the same!”

This Personal injury attorney Columbus GA can be reached 24-hours a day 7-days a week by those accident victims that have been injured through no fault of their own and need immediate legal assistance.


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