Pensacola Family Lawyer Warns Community to Keep Children Calm During a Divorce

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Pensacola, Fla. – Craig A. Vigodsky, an experienced family lawyer in Pensacola, wants to remind his community of how important it is to keep children calm during their parents getting a divorce.

Going through a divorce is difficult on its own, but when there are children involved, things get even more complicated. To help them get through that tough season of life, it is important that parents do everything they can to keep the children calm and help them understand that both parents are still 100 percent there for them and love them very much. This will relieve much stress in the long run.

Speaking to the children early on is the first step. Parents should not put off telling their children about their coming divorce; speaking with them early on will help relieve confusion within their minds. Children are not blind. They typically see the disunity and struggles between their parents before they are ever spoken to about it. The longer the parents wait to have that conversation, the higher the potential of the children becoming confused at what is happening. They may even conclude that arguing and anger is somehow their fault.

Lastly, parents should never bad-mouth each other in front of the children. This will only make the situation worse for the child, especially if there are issues like infidelity involved– something a child will not understand right away.

Overall, second to remaining open and honest with the children, taking every measure to make sure their lives stay as normal as possible amid parental divorce is the best plan of action. The less confusion and instability they have to experience, the better warns the Pensacola divorce attorney.

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