Pensacola Contractor Now Offering More Storm Damage Repair Services Than Ever Before

Pensacola, FL-based contractor, K Simon Construction, is known in their area for being very responsive when one of their customers calls them for roof repair help after a strong storm passes by. Some people in the Florida Gulf Coast communities that they serve do not realize that roof repair is just one of the many services that these storm damage repair experts offer. The company would like those in their part of Florida to be aware that they are now offering more storm damage repair services than ever before. That list includes roofing, siding, gutter, paint, fence, and assorted exterior & interior storm-related repair services. That makes them one of the most well-rounded storm damage repair companies in Pensacola, Florida, and the vicinity.

K Simon Construction’s owner/director, Scott Zibull, says, “Although we take much pride in quickly helping our customers repair their roofs after they have been damaged by one of the frequent strong storms that pass through our Florida Gulf Coast area, our storm restoration services go well beyond that. It’s the reason that you do not see the word roofing in our company name even though we are very well-known for that type of work. As you learn more about us, you will come to find that there are very few areas on a home or business that we cannot repair after they have been damaged in a storm. We also are very responsive when a customer calls us and asks for assistance with any type of storm damage repair. This is especially true if that storm damage has left other areas of their home or business exposed to even more damage if that repair is not done promptly.”

K Simon Storm Damage Restoration

Zibull says that they are also very proactive when it comes to their storm damage repair services. That includes making sure that the necessary people and resources get quickly put in place when they get word of an approaching hurricane or other types of threatening weather. That’s how they can respond so quickly when one of their customers has their property impacted by a strong storm. He stated that when they arrive on the scene, they will quickly assess what repairs a home or business owner needs to have done and then give them a fair estimate for that work.

It was also mentioned by him that they always attempt to repair a customer’s storm damage right away but for more extensive repairs it may take a few days to get the necessary repair supplies. If the latter is the case, the company owner and director says they will take steps to secure the damaged areas on a home or business to prevent more damage from happening while waiting for those supplies. This includes placing tarps over severely damaged roofs and along the sides of homes or businesses where many windows have been broken. There is some good information on this aspect of their storm damage-related services on their Facebook page which is found at

Zibull encourages anyone in their area to call them no matter how big or small the amount of damage that they have received from a passing storm is. Their storm damage inspections are completely free of charge and come with no obligation on the home or business owner’s part. He added that they also are more than happy to help their customers out with any insurance claims that are related to the storm damage that they will be repairing. It does not matter to them whether someone who needs storm damage help calls them to replace a few pieces of siding or needs a whole new roof put on, he stated they are there to help.

For those in the Pensacola area that would like to see some examples of the storm damage and other repair projects that K Simon Construction has done, they can refer to the ‘projects page’ of the company website which can be viewed here at


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