Pennsylvania Lawmakers Increase Support for Addiction Treatment Centers Like Legacy Healing Center

Cherry Hill, NJ - A new unanimously endorsed piece of legislation established on June 30, 2021 in Pennsylvania requires addiction treatment centers to automatically inform approved family members or supportive contacts if a person under their care leaves the program before treatment is complete.

This new law will help addiction treatment centers in the northeast region of the US to be allowed to inform family members and loved ones when addiction treatment programs are not completed, ultimately helping to save the lives of more people suffering from substance use disorder.

The law comes into effect when someone leaves an addiction treatment program against medical advice, in which case the approved contacts will be informed of what has transpired. Previously, addiction treatment centers weren’t required to make this disclosure which led to multiple dangers for patients.

Eric R. Nelson, one of the state representatives of Westmoreland County who introduced the new law, said that people in recovery programs are often picked up by enablers or their drug dealers while families are led to believe that their loved ones are still safe in a treatment center. This situation, according to Nelson, leads directly to drug overdose deaths and young women being dragged into a life of prostitution. “It is a life and death matter,” said Nelson.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that the Northeast continues to have the highest rates of opioid overdose deaths in proportion to the general population. The new law that came into effect at the end of June is one way that the Northeast states including Pennsylvania hope to reduce the exceptionally high rates of drug overdose deaths there.

NIDA’s Principles of Effective Treatment outlines elements of effective addiction treatment that helps people to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. One of the factors they found contributed to long term success was patients remaining in an addiction treatment program for an adequate period of time. Their research suggests that when people leave addiction treatment programs early, it doesn’t allow sufficient time for effective treatments to work and that there should be strategies in place to “engage and keep patients in treatment”.

The new law will make it easier for families in the northeastern states to help their loved ones undergoing treatment to overcome substance abuse and addiction. Legacy Healing Center welcomes the changes in the laws surrounding substance abuse and addiction in the region.

Legacy Healing Center’s recently-opened Cherry Hill, NJ addiction treatment center was established to help residents of the Northeast region deal with the opioid crisis and substance abuse in general. As they are given more power to truly help those fighting against substance use disorder, more people will get the help that they need at the accredited addiction treatment center in Cherry Hill.

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease with relapsing tendencies. The process of long-term recovery from addiction takes time, but with continued support from quality addiction treatment centers like Legacy Healing Center and a greater focus on completing treatment plans, there is hope for the future in the opioid crisis and the fight against addiction.

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