Peace Love and Pasta Recipe Book Now Available from Mediterranean Table

Mediterranean Table, based in Red Feather Lakes, CO, is happy to announce that the cookbook by award-winning chef Scott Conant, “Peace Love and Pasta” is now available. In this cookbook, designed to allow people to cook restaurant-quality Italian meals in their home kitchen, Scott has compiled a number of simple but flavorful Italian recipes. This cookbook can be purchased alone or as part of a package deal through Mediterranean Table's online store.

Scott Conant is one of the world’s top chefs, having established several renowned restaurants, published several cookbooks, and appeared in several television shows. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, he gradually developed a reputation of culinary creativity and excellent leadership. He has been in charge of the kitchens of popular Italian restaurants, such as Chianti, City Eatery, and il Toscanaccio, all of which had earned highly positive reviews during his tenure.

In “Peace Love and Pasta,” Conant offers his most personal cookbook to date, featuring meals that can be cooked using simple and fresh ingredients that were frequently used by his New England family, which can trace its roots in Southern Italy. It was from his grandparents who used fresh ingredients from their garden for Italian home cooking that he learned to appreciate the various ingredients and flavors that he later on applied as a nationally renowned chef. Pulling inspiration from his family as well as more than three decades in the culinary industry, the recipes in this book are sure to be a hit in your own home. For all the home chefs out there, Mediterranean Table is your one stop show to get high quality ingredients along with flavorful receipes.

Mediterranean Table was founded by Glenn and Maribeth Wagner, who are based in Arizona, as a result of their passion for food and travel, and their desire to share it with family and friends. Their unique products are available through their boutique store at Red Feather Lakes and also at the art and wine festivals, culinary events, and farmers markets in Arizona.

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